Sakamoto Days Chapter 82: Sheba Vs. Shin BEGINS? Release Date

You will be surprised to see Shin making a terrific move in Sakamoto Days Chapter 82. So far, we have seen Shin and Sakamoto trying to extract the database to learn more about the JCC. However, it was their bad luck that they didn’t get any detail about it. And poor Shin got busted after trying to get to the bottom of it. Will he ever learn about the database? As of now, it looks like things won’t be in his hand, especially after seeing that lady’s move. Is she belongs to a secret society? The next chapter will give away all the updates!

Now in the 82nd chapter, Shin will make a plan to learn the true identity of the mysterious teacher. Well, he’s impressed by her fighting skills but has some doubt about her background. So Shin and Akira will try to get bottom of it. Meanwhile, they will get a helping hand from an unexpected member.

In the upcoming chapter, Seba will help Akira get on her feet. If you remember, Akira tried to attack that teacher from behind when she was dealing with Shin. But her attempt was unsuccessful when the teacher noticed her sly move and hit her hard. Well, Seba has been an invisible person in this manga, and now that he’s making his appearance, leading to sudden changes in the series. He will give a hand to Shin and have a word with the teacher. But she will again warn them to watch their steps and leave as soon as possible. It will enrage Shin and Seba. So he decides to hit her.

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Seba will run in the teacher’s direction and will have hand-to-hand combat. She will have all the tactics to deal with Seba and use only a fraction of her strength to attack him. Soon Sakamoto will show up and see all this mess. He will try to help them out, but his current disguise will stop him from behaving impulsively. As for Seba, he is trapped in a fist lock and will try to get from this position. Akira and Shin will consider it a good opportunity to hit that teacher. But to everyone’s surprise, she will manage to deal with the three of them at once.

It enraged Shin, and he charged an attack but surprisingly, that teacher blocked him. Her moves were so good that it became difficult for Shin to fight with her. Despite this, that teacher offered to teach them skills they could use in their fight. Later in the infirmary, Shin and Akira met with Sakamoto and told him about this. But instead of helping them out, he left the place in a rush. After having a brief moment, Akira and Shin decided to attack that teacher but failed in their attempt. Surprisingly, Seba appeared and decided to help them. Well, he was listening to their conversation in the infirmary, so it made sense why he wanted to join them.

Sakamoto Days Chapter 82 will release on August 8, 2022. You can read it on Viz Media. Now finally, Sakamoto will learn the true identity of the teacher. He has been trying to figure out her name, and soon, her deadly moves will remind him of their past. Is Sakamoto knows her? Only time will tell. Stay tuned. The Anime Daily will keep you updated.

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