Spirit Sword Sovereign Chapter 527: Chu’s Final Defeat? Release Date

Chu gave fair justice to the spirit of mountain Mitian. And now, in Spirit Sword Sovereign Chapter 527, he will use all his strength to defeat a powerful opponent. Nobody can doubt his skills and power as he proves everyone wrong from time to time, and he will shows the villager how worthy he is. But things will be challenging, and his new foe will probably teach him a good lesson. Will Chu succeed in defeating him? Only reading the next chapter will give away all the answers.

Now in the 527th chapter, the villagers will learn that Chu has become the mountain Mitian’s emperor after defeating the emperor Mitian. However, some will doubt his skills and challenge him to a fight. But it will be easy for him to defeat them without using a fraction of his powers.

The following chapter will open up with Chu returning to the human world after his victory over the emperor Mitian. Now he’s the new master of Mountain Mitian. Well, the villagers won’t like it and oppose him. They will ask him to prove his powers and will charge an attack. However, Chu will defeat them in just one second. Soon everyone in the town will start talking about Chu and his new powers. From the beginning, he was determined to become the new master of the mountain Mitian, and now that he has become, he will face new challenges.

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Now he will use all the resources and power to cultivate more. But soon, another opponent will rise, and he will challenge Chu to fight with him to show whether he’s worthy of this title. Chu will accept this challenge. But won’t show his full strength until the opponent uses the demonic realm. After realizing his opponent is stronger and could overpower him, he will use the three-headed demonic spider’s eyeball to cast a spell and destroy his opponent.

Previously in Spirit Sword Sovereign Chapter 526, Chu Xing Yua succeeded in defeating Martial Emperor Mitian. His demon cat ate emperor Mitian’s soul; now, his cultivation resources and power had become ownerless. So Chu decided to get them. But while he was busy in his thoughts, an explosion took place. It opened the door to the underground tunnel, and Chu decided to have a look. As he stepped in, he saw skulls and bones everywhere. It was an eerie experience, but despite this, he went down to see what was inside this.

He saw a three-headed deadly demon spider. Its aura indicated that it had already entered the emperor’s realm. As per the metempsychosis, heaven book records the spider could kill a person in the martial emperor realm. But Chu wasn’t worried about this since the three-headed deadly demon spider wasn’t in his real form as its soul was present there. So Chu used the roost of souls spell to bind the three-headed demon spider and roast it in his magical fire. He succeeded in it and then returned to the human world with a new title.

Spirit Sword Sovereign doesn’t follow an even release pattern. So it’s quite tricky to guess when the next chapter will be out. But we can expect that the 527th chapter will release on August 10, 2022. It will be available on the official pages of Naver, Webtoon, and Kakao page. The Anime Daily will keep you updated about what will happen next.

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