Spy Classroom Anime: Teaser Video OUT! Release Date & Everything To Know

The official YouTube channel of Kadokawa announced the Spy Classroom Anime details. The first detail packed in the announcement was the teaser video for the upcoming anime. The second surprise in the announcement bag of the makers was the teaser visual of the anime. Most importantly, the makers disclosed the release details of the anime adaptation. A light novel series has inspired the upcoming anime. Moreover, there are also some additional cast updates regarding the anime. But first, here are some things you need to know about the source light novel series!

Takemachi and Tomari are the respective writer and illustrator of the light novel series. Fujimi Shobo published the light novel series. Moreover, the English version of the light novel series came out with the support of Yen Press. The run of the light novel started on January 18, 2020. Moreover, the light novel series also got a manga adaptation in Monthly Comic Alive magazine. Let’s move up to the discussion over the announcement regarding the upcoming anime!

The teaser video for the Spy Classroom Anime carried a unique tone with it. Moreover, it stated that the World war had just ended on the surface. It seems that the story of the anime will be set in a world full of Cold wars. A world where spies have dominated the flow of information all over the world. The government has decided to pick up the seven most potential dropouts for the role of Spy. They will go through intense spy training.

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The training will make them the most lethal spies in the world. The introduction of all the characters in the trailer was impressive. The teaser video features all the seven spies and their teacher in the frame. There is not much new info on the additional cast details of the anime. All of the lead characters from the Light novel will reprise their roles. Sora will reprise her role as Lily. Moreover, Klaus will also reprise the role of Klaus.

The story of the anime is set in a world where all of the countries are watching over one another. All of them have appointed spies in the shadows who supply information from the enemy nations. However, one of the top spies of the nation, Klaus, decides to take on an impossible mission. Klaus decides to take up the most dropouts who are full of zeal to prove themselves. Klaus enrolls all of them in a spy class. He trains them to take on the deadly mission.

The mission that all of the girls are going to has a success rate of less than 10 percent. That’s why the makers termed the mission as impossible mission. However, the girls must do whatever it takes to make this mission successful. They have to put every ounce of spy knowledge to prove themselves to society. Will the girls be able to complete the impossible mission?

Kadokawa revealed the info on the release details of the Spy Classroom Anime. The anime will release on television networks in 2023. However, there is no exact date of release for the anime due to the slow production process. But the Anime Daily team will make sure to avail this info as soon as it pops out! Till then, visit the other articles from the Anime Daily team!

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