Spy X Family Episode 14: Disarm The Time Bomb! Release Date & More!

Spy X Family Episode 14 will be much more exciting and thrilling. The previous episode laid the foundation for phase 2 of Operation Strix. However, things did not go smoothly as they should have gone. Moreover, there are chances that the Loid might locate the mission terrorists in the upcoming episode of the anime. He just has to get to Anya to get hold of the situation.

The upcoming episode will be full of detective work. However, the main problem is that the Loid is way from his family. Moreover, Anya knows everyone that was present there at the scene to plan the killing of the Foreign minister. But it seems that Loid will figure out his way in the next episode. Most probably, he will cross paths with Anya. Check out the article below for more info on the upcoming episode!

The biggest task for Loid in Spy X Family Episode 14 will be to disarm the Doggy Bombs. However, it will not be easy to locate these dogs as they have exceptional intelligence with military training. One of them has gone rogue to help Anya. Moreover, there are chances that it will become the house dog for Anya in the future episode.

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But Loid must save Yor as she is alone with the group leader Keith among the containers. Most probably, the majority of the terrorists will reach the Police in the upcoming chapter. The most important factor is to put these dogs to safety as the enemy has already changed their hideout. So it would be difficult for even Loid to figure out their hideouts in the next episode of the anime.

The 13th chapter of Spy X Family started with the initiation of Phase 2 of Operation Strix. Loid and Anya went to a pet store to adopt a dog. However, Anya did not like any of them, and Loid suddenly got on a mission. He escaped from the pet store secretly and asked Yor to take Anya to a Pet Adoption center. Loid got to know that some people would be going to use dogs as bombs to attack the Foreign minister of the West.

Moreover, Anya got to meet one of those Bomb dogs. But there was something special about this dog as it was an Esper. So it could look into the near future and help other people. Anya got caught by terrorists when she followed this dog. So she escaped with that dog from there. However, Yor had to arrive at the scene to save Anya and the dog.

Spy X Family Episode 14 will release on October 8, 2022. The first part of the titular anime series is the most like anime series on Netflix. That’s why the series is also receiving love from the fans for the exciting plot and amazing action. Keep following The Anime Daily to not miss any further info regarding the anime series in the future!

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