Spy X Family Episode 24: Yor Sings Lullaby To Loid! Plot & Release Date

The Campell Tennis arc has ended, and it’s time for Yor to win Loid’s affection. Last time after mustering the power of love, Fiona couldn’t deflect Yor’s energy ball. Even so, Loid didn’t compliment his wife properly. The pensive longing on her face was quite apparent. He seems to be unsure how to respond to this new side of her. The plot hints at both figuring out new kinds of feelings for each other, with the last one setting up a new drama for Spy X Family Episode 24. Thus, here is all you need to know about the release date and plot.

Next time in Spy X Family, Yor and Loid will finally confront each other regarding their feelings. Meanwhile, Anya will have an amazing time! But fans are skeptical of this storyline. Keep reading to unfold the plot.

The next title of the next episode is ‘The Role of a Mother and Wife/ Shopping with Friends’. Therefore the plot suggests two stories taking place. The first part of the episode will adapt chapter 35 of the Spy X Family manga. It will continue with Yor fearing that she may get kicked out of the forger house. Even after her terrific tennis serve, she thinks the game didn’t get her closer to Loid. According to her, Loid may be having an affair with Fiona. The preview video of episode 24 shows a flashback of Loid’s mom.

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He still remembers the lullaby she sang to him before becoming a victim of the war. This time, Yor will sing that song to him, invoking nostalgic memories. With this song striking a chord in his heart, will it make Loid get closer to Yor? Only episode 24 has the answer. Meanwhile, the second part of the episode will cover chapter 36 of the source material. Anya’s all plan to get closer to Damian seems futile. However, Becky has a solution! Therefore, she will take Anya shopping.

Yor and Anya were already playing, and now Fiona had joined the family. She took this as a perfect chance to show who could be the better wife for Loid. However, Yor’s brute strength broke Fiona’s tennis racket when the ball hit it. Fiona was stunned and couldn’t believe what she had witnessed. Thus, she ran away to train in the mountains. Meanwhile, Yor craved Loid’s compliment. However, Loid was confused. The episode brought to a close, revealing that Mr. Campbell’s big secret was an album of beautiful actresses he hid from his wife.

The new episode will shed some light on Loid’s past. So far, secrets about his past were kept hidden from the fans. Now the upcoming plot will begin to unfold. Spy X Family Episode 24 is set to come out on December 17, 2022. Check out all the episodes on Netflix and Crunchyroll. Muse Asia on YouTube is also airing the show! For any updates, stay tuned to The Anime Daily!

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