SSS-Class Gacha Hunter Chapter 53: Someone Leaves The Guild! Release Date

The manhwa is finally heading in the right direction. Since the beginning of the manhwa, Jeongdo-nim has been trying hard to prove his worth and create his guild. But unfortunately, things turned darker in his life. However, finally, in SSS-Class Gacha Hunter Chapter 53, he will make a big move. Meanwhile, someone will face a tough fate in the upcoming chapter. Let’s see who this person be.

In the upcoming storyline, Jeongdo-nim will become the heart of the guild after showing half of his power. However, this will annoy someone who will try to prove his worth. But Sunbae won’t give him a chance to do anything and ask him to leave the place. Will Jeongdo-nim help his fellow mate?

After winning the battle against the monster in the boss room, Captain Seo Sanghee and Sunbae will become a fan of Jeongdo-nim. Well, they already knew that he had potential and could become a great member of their guild. But despite their efforts, he refused the offer as he wanted to create his own guild. However, this defeat will create animosity between Jeongdo-nim and his friend. He will continue trying to defeat Jeongdo-nim but fails to do so.

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His foolish attack will let Sunbae and Captain Seo Sanghee make a bold decision. They will decide to kick that foolish man out of their guild to protect their guild from other dangers. After acquiring knowledge from the boss room, the guild will prepare themselves for the next attack. However, Captain asks Jeongdo-nim to stay with them on their next mission.

In the 52nd chapter of SSS-Class Gacha Hunter, Jeongdo-nim defeated the monster and acquired the gem. But it pissed off his fellow mate. He couldn’t believe in his eyes that a B-ranker could use such type of tricks. But Sunbae saw a spark and potential in Jeongdo-nim and offered him to join their KNM guild. It surprised his fellow mate again as he believed he could do the same. However, Jeongdo-nim refused the offer and revealed that he was planning to establish his own guild. Later they all enter the dungeon and see Captain fighting with the monsters.

However, Jeongdo-nim knew how to deal with the situation. So he asked Sunbae to allow him to leave. Sunbae nodded in yes. Jeongdo-nim didn’t take much time to finish the fight, and everyone returned to the dungeon. But after a few seconds, another challenge showed up, the boss room. However, nobody had the strength to fight, so they decided to sleep and open the door the next morning. Jeongdo-nim learned they could change the difficult mood when everyone was planning to sleep, but his fool fellow mate spoiled everything, and Captain and Sunbae lost to the giant monster. But Jeongdo-nim summoned energies and a red horse, which helped him defeat the monster.

Sunbae will make a bold move in SSS-Class Gacha Hunter Chapter 53. It will release on October 30, 2022. You can catch it on the official pages of Naver Webtoon and Kakao pages. Stay tuned. The Anime Daily will keep you updated.

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