SSS-Class Suicide Hunter Chapter 81: Gong-Ja’s New Enemy Is A Kid! Release Date

Chapter 80th was the most awkward and weird plot of this manhwa. But it left a question- how far the library kid will go in SSS-Class Suicide Hunter Chapter 81 to show Gong-ja the worth of words? Fans are amazed by the kid’s behavior and how he treated Gong-ja. But are they in the real world, or is Gong-ja imaging something? Well, things are indeed not in the right shape. But Gonja will surely find a way to deal with this situation.

Whatever the case, Gong-ja will go with the kid to learn more about the power of revealtion. He will follow him to a new floor where everything will be different. Further, Gong-ja will learn about the terrible battle of his time. Keep reading to know more.

Gong-ja is still unclear about the kid’s intention and why he summoned him to this floor. However, he wants to change the ending and bring his master back. But it won’t be possible since she died in the battle against one of the most powerful demons. However, the kid will take him to a different floor where he will teach him the secrets of revelations. It will be tough for Gong-ja, but he will try his best to master the secrets of revelations.

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Gong-ja will be surprised after learning how books can help them write their best ending. He believes that his people will head to battle, but it will be challenging for them to win in this battle. Soon Gong-ja will see the end of the great orthodox-demonic war. He will remain stunned by the visuals and decide to work on his skills and help his comrade win the battle.

But it left Gong-ja furious, and he warned the librarian that he would punish him if he didn’t reveal his true intention. Soon the kid revealed that the veritable records of the heavenly demon had been added to floor 22. So now, the hunters could freely enter the floor and learn martial arts by reading the heavenly martial art books from the library. With a constant plea, the kid decided to show Gong-ja something in the end.

SSS-Class Suicide Hunter follows a weekly release pattern. So chapter 81st will release on July 21, 2022. The upcoming chapter will be chaotic for Gong-ja as he will learn about plenty of new things which will freak him out. But can he trust the kid? Stay tuned. The Anime Daily will keep you updated.

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