Summer Time Rendering Episode 15: Will Shinpei Survive? Release Date

A lot has happened in Shinpei’s life since we last saw him. However, the boy will find himself in a vulnerable position in Summer Time Rendering Episode 15. As this manga series progresses, it drops some intense bombshells on the avid fans. So far, fans know that Hizuru has some connection with these shadows, but her bond with Haine reveals things aren’t in the proper state. Further, they needed to find the cure as soon as possible before Haine took action. Here is everything to know

In the upcoming episode, Shinpei will learn about his powers and how they continue to drain his life source. He will find himself in a loop. It means he is dead again. Meanwhile, Ushio will work on something important. Keep reading to know more.

Ushio and Shinpei now want to recruit new comrades to win this battle against Haine. She’s way too powerful than they thought. But the pair is unaware of the fact that she has finally found Shinpei’s weakness and wants to use it against him. Haine is one step ahead of Shinpei and will only use his action against him. Meanwhile, Shinpei will find that he has been killed, letting him loop again.

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So he will try to deal with Shiori while Ushio will be busy recruiting new comrades and sharing her memories with them. Hizuru will work on the way to challenge Haine so they can have a faceoff as soon as possible. But it looks like Shinpei is running out of his life. His time loop ability will make him vulnerable, and he needs to find a way to stop it.

He ran into distraught Haine, who killed her own brother. Hizuru noticed it and confronted Haine. It panicked her, and she lost one of his eyeballs and escaped into a shadow. Soon two Shadow-Babies appeared and threatened Hizuru to consume her too. When they were about to attack, Nezu appeared and saved her. After transferring Ryuunosuke’s data into Hizuru, they were able to deal with the Shadow-Babies. But Haine warned Hizuru that she would kill her when they met.

Summer Time Rendering Episode 15, titled “Lights, Camera, Action,” will air on July 22 at midnight. You can stream the episode on Crunchyroll. It will finally explore Ushio and Shinpei’s plan and how far they will go to stop Haine from her creepy actions. Stay tuned. The Anime Daily will keep you updated.

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