Summer Time Rendering Episode 23: Is Shide Immortal? Release Date & More!

Summer Time Rendering Episode 23 will be the counter-attack episode from Haine and Shide. The previous episode just forced the fans to develop immediate hate for Haine. She used Ushio’s sympathy to escape from the last attack. Ushio was ready to launch an attack on Haine, but somehow, she entered Ushio and Shinpei’s bodies. Both of Shide’s bodies were killed, but he is reborn again.

The next episode of the anime might reveal the secret that revived Shide and Haine. It is not clear why Haine is not returning to the shadow world despite her loneliness. The suspense and thrill for the next episode are literally killing the fans. It seems that the makers are not in the mood to give away anything. Read out the article below to find out the plot for the upcoming episode!

The Summer Time Rendering Episode 23 might also be the power pack performer of the season. Haine and Shhide have revealed their ace in front of everyone. But it is not clear if Shinpei and Ushio also have their ace hidden in the next episode. That will come out in the next episode if the leading cast has a backup plan.

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It does not appear from the previous episode that Shinpei has a hidden plan. Haine has taken over Ushio’s body to revive Shide. Moreover, the protection layer that Ushi created to protect Shinpei is broken. So Shinpei must devise a plan to get rid of the disturbing noise. Moreover, he must utilize the full power of Ryuonnosuke to eliminate Shide and Haine once and for all.

Tokika San stayed at the entrance to stop anyone from coming there. After that, the old man stayed at the barrier to stop Shide’s shadow from moving forward. However, Shide and Haine still made it to the main body entrance. Shide, Haine, Mio, Shinpei, and Ushio had a fierce fight. Moreover, Ushio was landing her final blow on Haine, but then she deflected it. Now Haine is again powerful, and Shide has revived.

Summer Time Rendering Episode 23 will release on September 15, 2022. Everyone is hoping for Shide’s failure in the next episode. The anime is so engaging that the sinister nature of the villains has developed a hatred towards them. Keep following The Anime Daily to check on the review and theories about the next episode of the anime!

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