Tales Of Demons And Gods Chapter 384: Xiao Yu’s Past Leaves Nie In Shock! Release Date

Tales Of Demons And Gods Chapter 384 will finally reveal Xiao’s background. In the previous chapter, Xiao Yu was severely wounded after the battle with the divine feather sect. But Nie helped him to recover. He used his heavenly energy to heal Xiao’s wounds. Nie also helped him to apply the medicine to his body and discovered something unusual on his body.

Now in the upcoming chapter, Nie will try to heal Xiao. But he will learn something about his past. That will create an awkward moment between the two of them. Meanwhile, Gu Bei and Gu Heng will continue to fight for the position. Now the elders have to make a big decision. Keep reading to know more.

Nie Li is eager to know more about Xiao Yu and the history behind the letters inscribed on his chest. So he touches those letters out of curiosity to see what will happen. He will be surprised to learn about Xiao’s life. His life will be full of challenges and pain. Nie will learn how Xiao gets the time-space ring. But the surprising part will be Xiao isn’t a boy. Nie will learn that Xiao was a girl in his past. It will create an awkward moment between Nie and Xiao.

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Meanwhile, Gu Bei will meet the elders of the divine feather sect. He doesn’t want Gu Heng to surpass his power. So it will create problems between both of them. Gu Bei didn’t want to lose his power and position, so he did his best to secure it. However, he will blame Nie for this mess and command his subordinates to go and find him. It will be challenging for them to find Xiao and Nie, as they are far away from the divine feather sect.

However, Nie tried to avoid these weird vibes and asked Xiao to lay down so he could apply the ointment to his back. But Nie was surprised to see so many wounds on his back, including bandages. He asked him how he got such wounds, but Xiao remained mum and didn’t answer his question. Later, Nie saw something inscribed on Xiao’s chest that left him wondering what it was.

Tales Of Demons And Gods releases within three days. So the upcoming chapter will release on June 18, 2022. It will finally reveal Xiao’s past and why he helped Nie. Further, the upcoming chapter will also focus on the battle between Gu Heng and Gu Bei. Stay tuned. The Anime Daily will keep you updated.

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