Tales Of Demons And Gods Chapter 389.1: Wu Passes The First Door! Release Date

Chapter 388.5 opened with an explosion and left everyone wondering how far Wu would go for the treasure. However, the desire for treasure will grow in Tales Of Demons And Gods Chapter 389.1. Nie and Xiao need to stay alert since Wu can do anything to find the treasure, and he has no intention of sharing it with the two. All your answers will be found in the next outing. So, here is everything to know about it.

So now, in the 389th chapter, the trio will enter the first door and be surprised by the obstacles. Wu will decide to deal with the monster while Nie and Xiao will hide behind him. But someone from their past will pay a visit, and they will deal with it.

Nie will inspect the place in Tales Of Demons And Gods Chapter 389.1. He will finally find the exact place from where they could enter the void illusionary palace. Soon the door will open, and the three of them will enter the first door. But there will be some deadly hurdles in the first door. Some monsters will appear, and Wu will decide to fight with them while Nie and Xiao will work on the riddle to solve it.

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Wu will kill each monster one by one, buying time for Nie to solve the riddles. Later they will head to an unknown land, and Nie will be surprised that they have actually crossed the first door. Wu plans to kill Nie and Xiao before reaching their final destination. But they will cross paths with Long and his comrade again. Wu won’t be glad to see him and fight with him. This time Long will show his dragon powers and skills. It will be tough for Wu to fight.

So Long came down to speak to Wu. He insisted on stopping this battle here and apologized to Wu. However, Wu mentioned that one of his underlings behaved rudely with him. But Long mentioned that he killed his nine men, so wasn’t he behaving heavy with his attacks. They had a little bickering moment, but Long then decided to leave the place, and his comrades followed him. It left Wu wondering if humans were cowards, and then he asked Nie about the opening of the door to the void illusionary palace.

Tales Of Demons And Gods doesn’t follow an even release pattern. So it’s quite tricky to guess when the 389th chapter will release. But we expect the upcoming chapter to release on July 23, 2022. It will be available to read on the official pages of the Tales Of Demons And Gods. Stay tuned. The Anime Daily will keep you updated.

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