Tales Of Demons And Gods Chapter 394: Long Liu Dies? Release Date

As we had seen, Long Liu finally reached the hallway, but he wasn’t alone. In fact, he is surrounded by plenty of traps and needs a way out of this situation in Tales Of Demons And Gods Chapter 394. But will it be easy for him? It doesn’t look like though. Although he has entered the void illusionary array by himself, he needs Nie’s help to break free from that place. As we know, Nie won’t help him. So will Long die? Keep reading to know more.

Now in the 394th chapter, Holy son Li Huo will enter the storyline. He’s in charge of the thousand void illusionary palaces. But he has never witnessed someone breaking into the palace. However, the situation will be different, and he will find a way to deal with this mess.

In the upcoming storyline, Li Huo and his group will head to inform the Legion about this misdeed. He believes that the person who breaks into the thousand void illusionary arrays won’t be simple and perhaps is wise. However, it isn’t time to praise him or his skills. They need to take action quickly and stop the intruders from acquiring the treasure. Soon the Legion will learn about this mess and order their subordinates to block the door within two hours.

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Li Huo will head to the hallway to kill those who have reached there. Well, Long Liu is alone, so dealing with Li Huo won’t be easy for him. So instead of fighting with him, he decides to escape the place. Meanwhile, Xiao, Nie, and Wu will head to the main place without knowing about the outer surrounding. Nie will help them to break into the main array and destroy the chest box to obtain their treasure.

However, soon they got caught in the trap. All the boxes had something inscribed, which stopped the intruder from accessing the treasure. Long had no clue how to fetch the stones. But soon sensed a trap and replaced himself with his subordinate. Meanwhile, outside the void illusionary palace, Holy son Li Huo was furious to learn that someone had broken into the palace. He commanded his subordinates to close the door as quickly as possible and kill those who tried to escape.

Tales Of Demons And Gods follows an even release pattern. So there’s no need to fret. The 394th chapter will release on August 28, 2022. You can catch it on the official pages of Naver, Webtoon, and Kakao. The manhwa will continue from the cliffhanger where Li Huo enters the palace. Now it remains unclear how far he will go to protect the treasure. Stay tuned. The Anime Daily will keep you updated.

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