Tales Of Demons And Gods Chapter 395: Nie Becomes Stronger, WU In Trouble! Release Date

Nie and his troop are still inside the thousand illusionary palaces and are unaware of the outside world. But this treasure hunt helped Wu realize that he was underestimating Nie throughout the time. Well, the manhwa fans are already aware of Nie’s skills and actions, and now it will be interesting when Nie makes a bold move in Tales Of Demons And Gods Chapter 395. Here’s everything you need to know.

Now in the upcoming storyline, Wu will realize that Nie isn’t a normal person, and he needs to maintain distance from him. As for Nie, he will work on upgrading his soul. He will try to cultivate in such a different time. Meanwhile, the battle will start outside the thousand illusionary palaces.

In the upcoming chapter, Nie will work on cultivating his energy. He will learn that his spiritual realm uses barriers to protect his soul. But charging 9th soul won’t be easy. However, he has been promoted by three ranks by absorbing different blood. So it won’t be difficult for him to win against Long and others. As for Wu, he will seek Nie’s guardian to escape from the place. He doesn’t know how to deal with the poison black-water venom spiders.

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Nie will advise him to keep calm and follow his orders. The trio will head to the new place as they won’t find any valuable thing there. Meanwhile, outside the thousand illusionary palaces, the guards will be alert and prepared for the war. They will charge an attack, and the remaining demons and Long will try to find a way to escape from the palace. However, Nie and his troop will head to collect more treasure, unaware of the impending threat.

In the 394.5th chapter, Wu rant over Nie’s behavior. He felt like he was doing labor work for him, but Nie cleared the air saying he promised to help them. Besides, he couldn’t do anything to deal with these black-water venom spiders. So instead, he was helping Wu to clear this path. However, Wu was curious about what was in Nie’s hands, whether it was a treasure. But Nie asked him to stay out of it and used a magical ball that used Wu’s blood and infused it with the heavenly energy to absorb the poison black-water spider’s venom.

Wu will devise a plan to collect the treasure from Nie and Xiao. However, he will find it difficult as Nie uses all the demonic power to cultivate and strengthen his soul. Will Wu win against him? You will find it in Tales Of Demons And Gods Chapter 395, which will release on September 4, 2022, on Naver, Webtoon, and Kakao’s official pages. Stay tuned. The Anime Daily will keep you updated.

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