Tales of Demons And Gods Chapter 398: The Reincarnations! Release Date & More!

Tales of Demons And Gods Chapter 398 will discuss the reincarnation of Daozang. The previous chapter revealed that the path to breaking the Crystal Jade wall was the Heavenly Star Realm. Moreover, it was a game of cultivation in front of the Jade wall. That’s why the Jade wall was made with the intention of making the soul cultivation faster around it.

The next chapter will reveal the secret of reincarnation. Everyone thought that the Sage Emperor only fought with Daozang. However, there were five other beings that were involved in the war with the Sage Emperor. Moreover, Nie Li also got the way to fight the Sage Emperor and defeat him eventually. But it will not be going to be easy as the Sage emperor still has control over Time and Space. Read the following article for more information regarding the next chapter’s plot!

Tales of Demons And Gods Chapter 398 might also be a discussion chapter like the previous one. Nie Li was discussing reincarnations at the end of the previous chapter. However, there are five more strong beings, and Nie Li is unaware of them. Moreover, Daozang himself doesn’t know the location of his new body in the new world. But he might give a certain idea in the upcoming chapter.

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On the other hand, Demon Lord will soon get the command of the Daozang’s clan. However, there is some supreme treasure that Daozang mentioned in the previous chapter. It might be the key to defeating the Sage Emperor. But Nie Lie will have to go a long way to defeat this devil and get that supreme treasure. All of these revelations will come out in the upcoming chapter.

Daozang asked both of the humans to join and get the power of his command. However, Nie Lie refused to share the power with the Demon Lord. But Daozangsid that he couldn’t judge the person from the material karma. So Nie Li refused the offer. Daozang saw through Nie Li’s conscience and found out that he wanted to kill the Sage Emperor. However, he explained to Nie about reincarnation and ways to kill the Sage Emperor.

Tales of Demons And Gods Chapter 398 will be out on September 23, 2022. The next chapter might also witness the entry to the main hall. So the readers might not want to miss the upcoming chapter. They can read it online on the official pages of Naver, Kakaopage, and Webtoon. Don’t forget to visit The Anime Daily for more such articles!

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