Tales Of Demons And Gods Chapter 404: Nie Breaks Another Array! Release Date

Tales Of Demons And Gods never disappoint its fans. Once again, it came back with a hyped chapter where Son Li became a fan of Nie’s intelligence. But Nie’s future remains in limbo in Tales Of Demons And Gods Chapter 404. This is because Wu will open his mouth, causing trouble for Nie. Will Son Li find Nie’s true identity in the upcoming chapter? Who knows? Keep reading to know more.

In the forthcoming chapter, Son Li will depend on Nie, who will be busy focusing on the array. Nie will finally reveal how they can enter the array. But Wu has other plans which will make someone frustrated.

Nie will finally reveal that it is skyspirit stone array, and they can’t break it. However, Son Li and others are totally dependent on Nie right now. So they will ask him for a solution. Nie will study the positioning of the boulders to calculate how they can break the array. Wu will suggest they should keep going and enter the array. So whoever comes out will take the treasure with them.

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But Son Li won’t be a fan of this suggestion and ask Wu to shut up. Nie will continue studying the array and find a way to enter. He will call everyone to follow him. However, some will be confused by the array’s magic and end up heading in the wrong direction. Son Li will continue to wonder how Nie knows everything.

Previously in Tales Of Demons And Gods Chapter 403.5, Holy Son Li Huo asked Nie whether he belonged to the Divine Raccoon Clan. This is because Son Li never expected such a genius to be born in the Divine-Blooded Raccon clan. So he offered Nie to join his troop and become his attended. However, Nie refused his offer. He said he was a free soul and never worked under anyone. So he didn’t think he could accept the offer.

But it offended Son Li’s group members. They yelled at how Nie could reject his offer. But Son Li wasn’t bothered and told him to forget it. Soon the team saw a ray of light, and they all headed in that direction. However, they remained surprised after spotting some boulders. Son Li ordered a few of his group members to go and check the place with Yan and Gold Horned Dragon Beast’s members. Unfortunately, they got stuck there.

Wu will devise a lame suggestion that will irritate Son Li and force him to doubt Nie’s existence. So Nie needs to continue cultivating to hide his true identity in Tales Of Demons And Gods Chapter 404. It will come out on November 7, 2022. You can catch it on the official pages of Naver Webtoon and Kakao pages. Stay tuned. The Anime Daily will keep you updated.

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