Tales of Demons And Gods Chapter 406: Nie’s New Discovery! Release Date & Plot

Nie is getting stronger and smart with time. First, he acquired the myriad miles of rivers and mountains picture and traveled to an unknown land. Now he is trapped inside the thousand illusionary array and trying his best to hide his true identity. But in Tales of Demons And Gods Chapter 406, things will change drastically. Nie will study his discovery, which will take him to another level, helping him acquire the treasure. Keep reading to know more.

In the forthcoming storyline, a discovery will draw Nie’s attention. He will be into solving the mystery of the stone pillars. So instead of leaving the array, he will continue to go further to decrypt the array.

The upcoming chapter will focus on Nie’s next quest. He has acquired the treasure and artifacts from the illusionary stone array. However, he still doesn’t know about the upcoming hurdle- the stone pillar array. Something is inscribed on them. Nie tries his best to study it while Xiao seems busy grabbing the gold and other artifacts. Meanwhile, outside the stone array, Son Li will be waiting for Nie, and his anger will continue to grow.

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However, Yan Yang stops him, and the two of them will continue to fight. But Nie is unaware of this and continues to enter the stone pillar. It won’t be that easy, inscribed in an ancient language, so Nie needs to cultivate his energy to access the array. As for Xiao, she will ask Nie to step back, but he will continue to enter the array. Will it be safe? Whatever happens, Nie will deal with it gracefully.

Nie had enough time to catch the spiritual pearl as Xiao appeared busy extracting the treasure. However, it wasn’t easy for Nie to capture it. As soon as he reached closer to the spiritual pearl, he found himself surrounded by the fire. However, he knew it was just an illusion, so he followed it instead of fooling by the pearl’s illusion. But as he came close to the spiritual pearl, it started running away. With the help of myriad miles of rivers and mountains picture, he captured the spiritual pearl. But he remained stunned when he spotted stone pillars and decided to study them.

Nie and Xiao will be busy gathering gold and treasure. But Nie’s discovery will create trouble for him. Will Xiao help him? You will find this in Tales of Demons And Gods Chapter 406, which will release on November 18, 2022. It will be available on Naver Webtoon and Kakao pages. Stay tuned. The Anime Daily will keep you updated.

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