Tales Of Demons And Gods Chapter 413: Long Tianming Trick! Release Date & Plot

Finally, the thousand illusionary palace arc is over, and Nie is back to his clan. But with his return, fans finally got to explore the highly-anticipated arc Gu Hang vs. Gu Bai. Gu Hang decided to use his connections against Gu Bai a few chapters ago, and the storyline was finally explored. But something isn’t right in Tales Of Demons And Gods Chapter 413. Fans will finally learn this week. So keep reading to know more.

The 413th chapter of Tales Of Demons And Gods will focus on the inevitable battle between Gu Hang and Gu Bai. Although Gu Bai won it, he needs to be reimbursed. However, Nie has no idea what Gu Bai is planning and how things will change. Let’s see what Gu Bai’s plan is.

The upcoming chapter will shed light on the rumors. Everyone in the Gu clan heard the stories that Lord Tianming had succeeded in finding the treasure of the void illusionary palace, and they believed he was the strongest human. But only Nie knows that it is a lie as he was in the palace when Tianming arrived there, and with his companion’s help, he got rid of Tianming and his people. However, Nie wants to know why this rumor spread and what Tianming intends. So he will remain mum.

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Meanwhile, Tianming is planning his move. He knows Nie is the biggest threat and can’t get rid of him so easily. Further, he knows the Gu clan supports Gu Bai, who’s Nie’s friend. So Tianming can’t infiltrate the clan and take his revenge so easily. But by bribing Gu Bai, he can do this. Now the rumor may help Tianming to lure Gu Bai. So in return for paying his punishment, Gu Bai may cross the line. Apart from this, Xiao may appear in Tales Of Demons And Gods Chapter 413.

In Tales Of Demons And Gods Chapter 412.5, Gu Heng filed a plea against Gu Bai in the family court. He believed his status in the Gu family would help him punish Gu Bai. But the situation took a twisting turn. Instead of supporting him, all the nine elders started backing Gu Bai, especially those who promised to help Gu Heng in the family court. Thus the situation turned against Gu Heng, and the family patriarch announced Gu Bai was innocent as his mistakes were nothing in front to Gu Heng’s mistakes. But the family patriarch ordered Gu Bai to reimburse The Divine Feathers Sect with 500,000 spiritual stones and The Gu Clan with 1 million spiritual stones.

While Gu Bai won the case, he was raged by the thought that the elders forgot it was to avenge his sister. Soon the scene shifted to Long Tianming, who heard about Gu Heng’s punishment. Gu Heng was grounded for thirty years, which created a problem for him. He wanted to use Gu Heng to take over the Gu clan and increase his strength and power. But it backfired. Now he had to map another plan to destroy the Demon League. Further, Lord Yuyin’s power was rising, and Tianming had to do something to handle the situation. Meanwhile, Nie was back to his clan and greeted by his friend, Gu Bai, who believed Tianming had found the treasure.

Nie is back in his clan. But a lot happened when he wasn’t there. So he’s still trying to learn everything. But will his return create a problem for him? You will learn in Tales Of Demons And Gods Chapter 413, which will come out on January 7, 2023, on Naver Webtoon and Kakao pages. Stay tuned. The Anime Daily will keep you updated.

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