The Best Anime NFT Collections You Can Buy Today

Karafuru has possibly the most distinctive appearance of all the NFTs on this list, and it is also inspired by Japanese cartoons. The other anime NFTs have a more traditional aesthetic, but Karafuru has a wildly colorful, rounded, and humorous style thanks to the incredibly gifted artist, WD.WILLY. Since the collection’s inception earlier this year, 5,555 NFTs have been minted, which is a really astounding number. Karafuru may not make the cut for pure blue chips, but with a current floor price of 2.94 ETH and a balanced holder distribution, it has a place among the best anime NFTs today.

Another anime NFT collection with a style that differs slightly from some of the others in this list is Akuma. But when it comes to traits and overall aesthetic, it does follow the lead of earlier anime NFT collections. The collection stands out among other anime NFTs due to its illustration style, which is reminiscent of a blend of Gorillaz and Naruto. A total of 5,555 anime NFTs were minted at the beginning of April. The collection floor price is currently 0.47 ETH. Most NFT collectors would find the set of vibrant alien-like avatars and anime touchpoints appealing.

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