The Dangers In My Heart Anime Reveals More Cast , Release Date & More To Know

If you enjoy dark and slightly sad teen love stories, you should watch the latest anime adaptation. Who doesn’t like good drama from high school? This is especially true when two characters with different traits complement each other well. Nario Sakurai recently said that his well-known book would be made into an anime TV series, “The Dangers in My Heart.” The first big teaser has been shown to the public. But when will it be available to the general public? Is the star in love with someone? Please keep reading to find out more.

The first issue of the Dangers in My Heart manga by Akita Shoten came out in Japan on March 8 in the Weekly Shonen Champion. It was a slice-of-life story. The next month, the Champion Cross manga website started posting manga episodes in a series. After the two companies merged, the rights to the Akita Shoten manga now belong to Manga Cross. So far, there have been seven volumes.

The show is written by Jukki Hanada, Masato Katsumata draws the characters, and Kensuke Ushio writes and composes the music. Moreover, In The Dangers in My Heart, Shun Horie plays Kyotaro Ichikawa, and Hina Youmiya plays Anna Yamada.

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The story is about a boy named Kyotaro Ichikawa, who is lonely. The boy doesn’t go out with other people because he thinks he’s a bad teenager. He has a secret dream that he is the main character in a psychological thriller who has to go through a lot of trouble. And liked being alone and making up stories. He has no friends or enemies; he is all by himself. In fact, he looks at a book about murders a lot.

There, he starts to learn about anatomy. He wants to try it on Anna Yamada, who is the most popular kid at school. And has made her his main target because he hates the way she lives. He can’t stop thinking about how she became the most popular girl in his or her grade. But the more he watches her, the more he sees that she is strange in many ways. But when she comes into his life, things change. He becomes fast friends with her, and he soon finds out that she is nothing like what he thought she was.

The animation is being made right now, so it won’t be long before we can watch it again. The first visible was put out, and production started in the second half of 2022. From what we know so far, the anime version of The Dangers in My Heart might come out in the second half of April 2023. Keep your eyes open. Use The Anime Daily to stay on top of things.

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