The Devil Is A Part Timer Season 2 Episode 9: Maou Investigates! Release Date

Only a few episodes are left until the conclusion of the second season of Hataraku Maou-Sama. But many storylines can be covered in this short span of time. Currently, all of the heroes are residing in Chiho’s village, where they are helping them with the harvesting of the farm. But the final scene of the last episode showed that Maou and Alciel were in grave danger. Here is all you need to know about the next episode, The Devil Is A Part Timer Season 2 Episode 9.

In the upcoming storyline, Maou learns that he cannot believe everything that is being presented to him. There are many secrets that lie behind the smiles of the family that they are living with. Thus, the ninth episode will be an investigative outing!

Once again, fans might have to wait for a longer time to get their hands on the preview and title of the episode. So, the last episode left us with Maou and Emi standing in the middle of the woods, with a child in their hands. The figure that was approaching them seemed to be that of a bear. But the shadow could also be that of a monster that no one has seen in ages. In the last episode, Chiho only told that an incident had caused a shortage of labor on the farms.

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However, she did not care to reveal the real reason behind this. It might be possible that this monster is the reason behind the sudden disappearance. After getting away from the bear, Maou puts all his time into investigating everything happening in this village. Chiho is the one who would be put to question in this investigation!

She was feeling that Maou had to work on the farms only because of her. Thus, she hopped along to provide help. In the last act of the episode, Maou and Alciel decide to take Hitoshi to his mother. But the episode came to an end with them spotting a black figure that seemed to be a bear. And this is where the fight begins!

As of the time of writing, no particular break has been announced for the latest outing of Hataraku Mou-Sama Season 2. So, The Devil Is A Part Timer Season 2 Episode 9 will release this week without any delay. The final release date is September 8, 2022. Fans will be able to catch all the episodes of the anime only on the official pages of Crunchyroll. And so, keep an eye on The Anime Daily to get all the updates right here.

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