The God Of High School Chapter 551: Mubong’s Final Defeat! Release Date

Fans will watch Mubong digging his own grave in The God Of High School Chapter 551. The chapter has been in the line of wait for a long time. In the story so far, Mubong is seen as the strongest and most cunning villain in this manga series. He is known to manipulate others with his cleverness. However, it looks like things will fall apart soon. He might regret picking Mori as his enemy in the future arc. And so, here is everything to know about the next chapter.

Now in the 551st chapter, Mubong will fight with Mira, and someone will save Mori and Ahan’s life. Mira will try to use her powerful attacks, but she will fall soon. As for Mori, he will try his best to protect Ahan, and the baby will help him in this. Keep reading further to know more about the chapter.

Daewi sacrificed himself in order to protect Mori and Ahan. He comes between Satan and Ahan, and Satan tears off his torso. Meanwhile, Mubong attacks Mira from behind. Despite recovering from her injury, she is still hurt from the attack. Meanwhile, Mubong dodges her attack and later summons all five of Tathagata’s weapons. Mira remembers her training and uses her strength to destroy all of his weapons in one snap. But with one swipe, Mubong breaks the blade and cuts Mira’s leg in The God Of High School Chapter 551.

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However, Mira comes up with a fatal blow after jamming her broken blade. She refuses to give up and prepares for another attack. But Mubong remains unaffected by the attack and finally kills her. Now only a fraction of old humans remains. As for Mori, he is completely powerless. However, despite showing mercy to him, Mubong decides to kill him. But first, he decides to kill Ahan. But Mori protects her by coming in front of her. He apologizes to her, and soon, Mubong hits him with a fatal blow. While Mori is dying, the baby gives her cross to Mori, and it helps him to heal.

Previously in The God Of High School Chapter 550, Ahan was holding the baby and heading in Mori’s direction. She wanted to save Mori and transfer the baby’s powers into him. But the path wasn’t safe, whereas Mori had already lost one of his arms and waited for Ahan to help him revive his strength. In her path, she noticed that the Ark was destroyed. Soon plenty of demons started chasing her, and they used their powers to kill Ahan.

But she successfully dodged it. Later she recalled something and decided to summon the national treasure blooming, which helped her to freeze the demons. On the other side, Mori was using his stick to reach Ahan, and they finally rekindled. Ahan handed him the baby, but he couldn’t handle dealing with the power. Meanwhile, Satan was fighting with Mubong, and somehow, Satan manipulated Mubong to kill himself.

The God Of High School follows a weekly release pattern. So the 551st chapter will release on July 29, 2022. Fans will be able to catch all the chapters of the manhwa only on the official pages of Naver, Webtoon, and Kakaopage. This chapter will finally explore the downfall of Mubong when his own daughter decides to call Mori’s dad and Ahan, her mother. At last, keep in touch with The Anime Daily to get all the updates on the same.

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