The God Of High School Chapter 564: Mujin Park’s End! Release Date & More!

The God Of High School Chapter 564 will be the final end of Mujin. A grand revelation in the previous chapter revealed the true self of Mori. It came out that Mori was the God Of Prophecy. He just needed the sacrifice and the borrowing power from the people of the planet. However, there was some lady that had foreseen the future to help Mori.

Mori will end Mujin with the final Yeoui in the upcoming chapter. There are chances that the upcoming chapter will also contain the confessions of Mujin Park regarding humanity. However, it is not clear why the Mujin was so upset with humanity despite the fact that it was the President of the Whole world. Here is everything you need to know about the manhwa and its plot!

The God Of High School Chapter 564 will be an end to the war era that continued for a long time. However, the only way to end this war completely is the confession of Mujin in front of the whole world. There might be some people who will remember him as the hero of the rebellion. But the true intention of the villain might change the vision of the people.

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The second thing is that Mori must keep people safe from the third Blue giant after finishing Mujin. The people on the earth will be using Wifi to transfer power to Mori. However, he must immediately direct the heavy amount of power at once to the Blue giant. Otherwise, it would become meaningless to save the life of others.

Everyone followed the prophecy and lent all of their treasures to Mori. However, it came out that Mori became the God of Prophecy after receiving power from everyone else. He annihilated the Mujin’s powers in a single blow. All that Mori was to land the blow of the final Yeoui on the head of Mujin. Humanity passed on all of its power to Mori.

The God Of High School Chapter 564 will come out on October 1, 2022. However, there is no certain info on the release date as the manhwa release schedule is a complete mess up. But there are chances that this one will release on time. So don’t forget to check the daily feed on the official page of The Anime Daily!

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