The God Of Highschool Chapter 568: Mubong Is Back? Release Date & Plot

Mori succeeded in defeating and destroying Mubong in the previous arc. Now they have all moved on and started living a better time. But this new threat will once again let them recall their past. The God of Highschool Chapter 568 is ready to see the rise of the greatest villain. However, it will also be challenging for him to realize his true powers and motive. Keep reading to know more.

The 568th chapter will focus on the return of the greatest villain of all time. If Mubong returns to turn the city into a battlefield, then chances are high that Mori will also return to stop him. However, it remains unclear who is inside that vessel. Is it Mori?

The upcoming storyline teases that Mubong Park will return. Although the war is over, we know a piece of god has entered the city. It means they have to prepare for a fight against the gods. Further, in the latter part of the previous chapter, a kid showed a commonality between him and Mubong. He killed the kids who were mocking him with a lightning blast. It shows that Mubong has reincarnated to destroy the world.

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So now humans need to stay alert. Meanwhile, Mira and her husband will deduce a plan to tackle the piece of god that entered their city. Everyone will gather around the cylindrical piece of metal to see what is inside. Meanwhile, that kid who resembles Mubong will start feeling immense power, and he won’t be able to handle the surge of power. If Mubong returns, there’s a chance that Mori will also return to stop Mubong from destroying the world.

The 567th chapter of The God of Highschool opened up with an introduction part. The entire chapter revealed now the heroes had moved forward in time. Mira Yoo lost her hand during the battle, so her right arm was replaced by a prosthetic arm. Further, due to the impact of Wi-Fi, both had no biological children. So they adopted war orphans. But their cute private moment was interrupted by an officer. He informed them about the presence of god in their world.

Both quickly headed to their workplace as they were the secretary of defense. After learning that a piece had entered their city, they quickly started the evacuation plan. People were ordered to leave the city and go underground while they dealt with the situation. The armed forces gathered to protect the city. Meanwhile, a group of children paid a visit to the museum dedicated to telling the story of the 34-year-long great war. Their teacher told them about the heroes, but when it came to Mubong Park, she revealed he was the worst villain of all time. Kids started mocking a boy who looked similar to him. But the end was cruel.

Mubong’s return will make things challenging for everyone. You will learn this in The God of Highschool Chapter 568, which will release on November 11, 2022. It will be available on the official website of Naver Webtoon and the Kakao page. Stay tuned. The Anime Daily will keep you updated.

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