The Ice Guy And His Female Colleague Anime: Officially Confirmed! Release Date

The publishing house of titular manga announced The Ice Guy And His Female Colleague Anime. Even the writer of the original manga celebrated the announcement through illustration. The story of an extraordinary super-human character and his admiration for his colleague is worth watching. The production team has further plans for more announcements on the anime. But before moving on to further details, here are some details about the source manga of the anime, which you should know!

Miyuki Tonogaya has written and illustrated the source manga of the anime. Square Enix published the manga on the Gangan Pixiv website. Its original run started on July 12, 2019. Liber and Zero-G production has taken charge of the anime series. Let’s move ahead to the details without any further ado!

The official website of Square Enix announced the Ice Guy And His Cool Female Colleague anime. The writer of the manga drew an illustration that has all the characters. The male lead of Himuro is looking at Fuyutsuki. The background has the other characters of the anime. There is a girl in the celebration poster sneaking from his shoulder of Himuro. There is a total of five side characters in the background. The first one is a boy with red hair. The second one is a girl with the specs. The third one is a smart-looking boy. However, the fourth girl is a jolly-looking girl.

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The story of the anime is a super mystic romantic comedy. It starts with the introduction of Himuro Kun. He is a super mystic being from ancient Japanese stories. He has the ability to freeze anyone around him and can low down the surrounding temperature. But he does not find peace in this super mystic world. He wants to live like normal humans. But he has a crush on his work colleague Fuyutsuki.

But Fuyutsuki has no idea of any happenings around her. She is just unaware of the love that Himuro has for her. This is one of the only reasons she likes to be around Himuro. However, Himuro is also very careful around her. It will be interesting to see how this quirky story comes to life as an anime.

The production house for The Ice Guy And His Cool Female Colleague Anime has not spilled any beans on the release date. But there are plans that more details on the anime will appear on August 3, 2022, which is Himuro’s birthday. We will update this section if other details pop out in the meantime! Till then, enjoy other articles from The Anime Daily Team!

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