The Legendary Hero Is Dead Anime: Release Update Out!

The long-lasting wait for The Legendary Hero is Dead anime is rushing towards its end. Recently, the production updated the official app with some information. The information contained the release details of the upcoming anime. Rion Kujo is completing the final stage of the direction of the anime. The last update on the anime came back on May 2, 2022. The production has released several details on the anime since then over the period of time. There is much more to discuss. But before skipping to it, here are the details about the source manga of the anime!

An update hit the buzzing market recently. In addition, the buzz was about the lead voice cast of the anime. It stated that Wataru Katō and Shunichi Toki would give their voice to the lead role in the anime. However, more information on the anime is yet to come.

The story of the anime starts with the introduction of Touka. Touka is a local farmer in a village called Cheza. He always wanted to be someone special, like a hero. However, he ended up farming in the fields. However, one day he accidentally kills the superhero, Sion. Sion is the protector who protects the world from evil demons and dark spirits. Touka becomes very tense and buries Sion’s body.

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He clears every clue so that one can catch him. However, something unusual happened when Touka woke up the other day. He finds out that his soul is not in his own body. Ultimately he becomes the hero. But how will he protect the world?

The recent update on The Legendary Hero Is Dead Anime stated that the anime will appear in Spring 2023. However, the production has kept silent on spilling details about the release date and further insight. At last, keep an eye on The Anime Daily to get all the regular updates of ongoing and upcoming shows.

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