The Max Level Hero Has Returned Chapter 100: Aeria Meets Her Man? Release Date

Davey is trying hard to defeat the vampires, but he needs to work on his golem to achieve it. Well, the manhwa has seen him exploring and succeeding in different areas. However, he has a lot to do to achieve his dream and destroy the monsters who keep on attacking his territory. So he will head to Lindis territory in The Max Level Hero Has Returned Chapter 100 to find a solution. Will he find it there or involve in another danger? Keep reading to know more.

In the following storyline, Davey will head to the Lindis’ empire to join them in their mega party. However, his focus will be on the red moonstone. He will go there for the auction only. But someone will be waiting for him and be glad to see him there.

Davey finally gets an invitation to the Lindis’ party in the following chapter. He will use this opportunity to learn more about the red moonstone. Davey wants it so badly as he believes it can help him defeat the vampires and monsters which are constantly attacking them. The fact that Lindis’ empire is auctioning off rare stones to the guests of the party will lure him. So Davey believes it will be a great chance for him to acquire the stone.

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Meanwhile, Aeria will deal with the hell she has created for herself. She can’t meet new people and can’t show her face to anyone. She even wears a mask the entire time. However, her doctor believes she can show her face at this mega party. There she will appear surprised to see Davey and ask her dad to arrange a meeting with him. However, Davey will focus on the red moonstone and believe that he can use Aeria as a key to get to the mana stone.

He wanted this to create another golem. Davey had already used all the mana stones to create his machines. But he had a new research project in his mind, and he wanted a red moonstone. However, it was a rare gemstone and an expensive one too. So it wasn’t easy for Davey to get one. Soon the discussion shifted to Lindis Palace’s invitation. Winley revealed that she got an invitation, but Davey didn’t get one yet. Meanwhile, the youngest princess of the Lindis empire, Aeria Al Lindis story was told. She had a rare disease, so she couldn’t show her face to anyone. But she had feelings for a black magician and wanted to meet him once.

Aeria will finally meet with Davey and be glad to see him in person. But she will doubt whether he will like her without her mask. On the other side, Davey won’t be interested in Aeria. Will he break her heart? You will find it in The Max Level Hero Has Returned Chapter 100, which will release on September 4, 2022, on Naver, Webtoon, and Kakao’s official pages. Stay tuned. The Anime Daily will keep you updated.

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