The Max Level Hero Has Returned Chapter 98: Davey Is Out Of Lionforce? Release Date

As the story paces forward, some new characters will enter Davey’s life. Since the golem war was over, everyone who played a great part in Davey’s life throughout the period would head to their next quest. However, Davey will be alone and feel a bit trapped as the authority will make their decision in The Max Level Hero Has Returned Chapter 98. They will decide whether they need to give Davey a second chance to stay in Lionforce. Will he leave the Lionforce? Keep reading to know more.

In the 98th chapter, the Great Head Knights will discuss Davey’s matter. Some will be pleased by his actions, while others want to punish him for roaming in the castle and creating a mess there. However, Great Head Knight Alpha 5, Captain Gaor will be thrilled by this news and decide to see Davey.

In the following chapter, Davey will return to the Hines estate. He will appear worried about the matter and how the Grand Head Knights will act after his big mistake. But he will appear surprised to learn that Captain Gaor wants to meet him. The Great Head Knight Alpha 5 will call him to discuss the matter and see his perspective. Davey will tell him everything about his misadventure and how he finds Lune and Millfiune. Davey will also inform them about the half-blood human and half-blood vampire. She wants to attack him with greater forces to take Lune to her side.

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So he needs to protect Lune, who’s having some malfunction. After hearing his words, Captain Gaor will let Davey deal with the matter alone. He will permit Davey to locate the half-vampire. Meanwhile, the others will have a change of mind. They will approach Davey and try to learn magical skills from him. Further, everyone will start talking about his combat skills and how gracefully he dealt with the golems. So Davey will be the talk of the town for a couple of months.

While wondering about this situation, Theo asked Lucia to hold his hand, and he used the flight magic to leave the place, leaving Davey confused. Theo told Davey that he lied about his credentials and was actually a Level-5 grade mage. Following Lucia and Theo, Davey held Lune and used the flight magic to reach the top floor. But she felt heavy, and soon her function started damaging. She didn’t like to call Davey her master and charged an attack. After they successfully reached the top floor, Lionforce Alpha Grand Head Knights called a meeting to discuss Davey and his actions. They wanted to meet him while he had no idea how to face everyone.

The Max Level Hero Has Returned Chapter 98 will release on August 19, 2022. It will be available on the official pages of Kakao, Naver, and Webtoon. The all-new chapters follow an even release schedule. The upcoming chapter will focus on Davey’s actions. He perhaps gets punished for roaming in the palace and creating a mess there. Now it remains to be seen how Davey will dodge it. Stay tuned. The Anime Daily will keep you updated.

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