The Witch And The Beast Anime: Kosuke Satake’s Fantasy Manga Gets Anime Adaptation

Almost everyone loves The Witch And The Beast manga. It gives a taste of thriller, suspense, and fantasy war which lets the audience crave for more. But do you know Kousuke Satake’s dark fantasy manga series is getting a TV anime? Indeed you read it right. Now you can finally see your favorite characters in action in The Witch And The Beast Anime. Without further ado, let’s get straight to the news.

The Japanese dark fantasy manga The Witch And The Beast started serializing on November 3, 2016, in Young Magazine. It later moved to Monthly Young Magazine, publishing its final issue in April 2021. Apart from this, the first tankobon volume was launched on September 20, 2017. As of now, it has collected nine tankobon volumes.

Our ominous pair is still on the hunt to search for the witch. But it seems like they have to start their search from the very beginning. If you didn’t get it, let’s clarify. Recently, Kosukue Satake’s manga editor Shiraki took to Twitter. There he revealed that Satake’s manga is getting an anime adaptation. However, he didn’t reveal more information as he stalled it by saying that the staff would update fans soon about The Witch And The Beast Anime. But on a brighter note, the manga series is finally getting its own anime. 

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Satake’s anime series focuses on two youngsters bound to be together for an unsaid mission. They are Ashaf, a soft-spoken man who carries a coffin strap with him and is followed by black crows, and the other one is Guideau, a violent, feral girl with beast eyes and long fangs. Despite so many differences between them, the pair reunites and suddenly appears in a town. Well, everything was calm before their arrival.

However, since they arrive in the town, nothing remains the same. They start creating a mess for the townsfolk’s hero. Well, in reality, their hero is a witch who possesses magic. She uses magical skills to distract others and make them believe she’s their hero. But these pair know better. That wherever she goes, she only creates disaster and passes curses. So they need to stop her. Further, they don’t hesitate to kill anyone who comes between them, whether it’s an army garrison or an angry mob.

As of now, The Witch And The Beast’s author Kosuke Satake hasn’t revealed any information regarding its premiere. In general, the animation takes almost ten to twelve months to wrap up production, including post-production work. So deeming the time frame, we can expect that The Witch And The Beast Anime will air later in 2023 or earlier in 2024. Stay tuned. The Anime Daily will keep you updated.

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