Tokyo Revengers Chapter 258: Goodbye Kakucho! Release Date & Plot

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 258 might not be an easy watch as the fans have been expecting. As the final act of the manga unfolds piece by piece, the fans would have to be ready to say goodbye to some of the characters that they love. As per the events that have unfolded so far, it is beginning to see as if Takemichi will be losing one of the closest friends that he has made. This is right; Kakucho is the one who might not be seen any longer. Here is all you need to know about the next outing.

The upcoming storyline of Tokyo Revengers will be dealing with a loss. This will be the final goodbye of Kakucho. Even though he could not get Takemichi to win the war, his contributions would always be remembered in the lines of history.

The title and raw scans of the next chapter are yet to be released in the public domain. It was seen that Takemichi was trying to get a hold of a lot of things at once. The first and foremost priority for the boy was to stop the train from hitting the junction. But then, he saw that Kakucho was heavily injured after his fight. Thus, even he needed much attention to saving his life.

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However, even by the end of the chapter, it was already too late to save him. Thus, Tokyo Revengers Chapter 258 might be an outing where the fans would have to say goodbye to Kakucho. The man made many questionable decisions over the course of the story. However, he did try to help and support Takemichi in a time when he needed him the most.

In the next part of the chapter, Chifuyu and Mitsuya were trying to get as far away from the train as possible. It was seen that Izana was about to come to the screens. The final act of the chapter saw Kakucho rediscovering that he needed to aid Takemichi with his help. In the end, Takemichi came to know that he might lose Kakucho in the process.

As the war continues to catch fire, Takemichi will come to know more about his ability as a time skipper. So, is Hanagaki not the main character of the story anymore? Tokyo Revengers Chapter 258 will release this week and give away all the answers. The final release date of the chapter is June 22, 2022. Fans will be able to catch all the chapters of the manga only on the official pages of Kodansha. Thus, keep an eye on this space to get more intel on the same.

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