Tokyo Revengers Chapter 265: Back From Hiatus! Release Date & More To Know

Finally, the wait for this chapter is coming to an end. Tokyo Revengers Chapter 265 had been long away from the fans. The manga had been on a break for two long weeks. In the last two weeks, fans saw many more instances of Mikey’s life. The dissection of a villain’s life is as important as it is for the main character. Thus, the storyline layering Mikey will continue for a longer time. The next chapter is coming out soon enough. So, here is all you need to know about it.

In the next outing, fans will be able to catch up with how Takemichi reacts to the past acts of Mikey. It will be interesting to see how a normal human turned into a villainous face who wants to rule the world now!

The title and plot details of the next chapter are not out on public platforms. But now that the chapter is back from hiatus, the raw scans will be out soon enough. So, the next chapter is going to continue the storylines from the past. The series of incidents that led him to become this closed person will continue to unfold one after the other. Parts of Mikey’s personality come from his upbringing.

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But the one incident that changed him completely was the death of Draken. This was one of the only moments when he let go of the curtain that was concealing the real side of him. So, Tokyo Revengers Chapter 265 will show other parts of Mikey’s life. It will be interesting to see how this character came to become the villain of the series.

One after the other, people, including Baji, MItsuya, Kazutora, and Pah-chin started to come into his life. And thus formed the infamous gang that was given the name of Tokyo Manji. The final part of the chapter saw that Mikey continued to form alliances and win battles back to back. Thus, it led him to believe that he would conquer the entire world with the same power one day!

The next chapter of Tokyo Revengers is back from the break. All through the weekend, fans of the manga were desperate to learn more about his past feelings of Mikey. So, the same storyline is bound to continue now once again. So, Tokyo Revengers Chapter 265 will release this week on August 17, 2022. Fans will be able to catch all the chapters of the manga only on the official pages of Kodansha. Thus, keep an eye on The Anime Daily to get all the updates right here.

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