Tokyo Revengers Live-Action 2 Green-Lit For 2023! Release Date & Everything To Know

The Tokyo Revengers Manga is getting a final conclusion this year. However, this is not the last of Tokyo Revengers that the fans are going to get. After the blasting success of the first TR movie, fans are getting a sequel that they all had been waiting for. That is right, Tokyo Revengers Live-Action 2 is finally happening. So, when is the movie coming out? Who will be in the cast? Will there be a delay? Here is everything you want to know.

Tokyo Revengers is one of the most popular manga series out there. Written by Ken Wakui in the year 2017, the series became a blasting success. In April 2021, the manga series got an anime by Liden Films. The live-action movie came out in 2021. And now, fans look forward to the next outing.

The announcement came from the direct trailer release of Tokyo Revengers Live-Action 2. The trailer came on all the official pages of the movie, including the official YouTube channel of Warner Bros. However, the trailer did not have any new clips from the upcoming project. It was only revealed that the project was under production. This trailer was a compilation of snippets from the last film. You can check out the latest trailer right here:

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Cast & Staff Updates!

As for the staff details, not much is revealed by the makers. However, it was confirmed that the director and the producer of the film are going to be the same. Artist duo Takumi Kitamura will come back to create a blasting outing once again. Along with them, the team also brought in Takumi Kitamura to the announcement event, confirming that he would play the role of Takemichi Hanagaki once again.

Moreover, Ryō Yoshizawa will continue playing the role of Mikey in Tokyo Revengers Live-Action 2. Next to him would be Yuki Yamada playing the role of Draken on the movie screen again. The director also mentions that new actors will also join the cast in the second movie.

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