Tokyo Revengers Manga Ending: Concluding In Five Chapters! Final Release Date & More

This piece of news was not that upsetting for the fans as they had anticipated the conclusion well ahead of time. Over the past many weeks, the Tokyo Revengers manga had been taking up plotlines that eye a conclusion. And now, the finale has been announced. So, when is the manga coming to an end? What will happen in the end? There is no need to fret about the lackluster updates, as we have got you covered. So, here is all you need to know about Tokyo Revengers Manga Ending.

The final chapters of the manga will take up the fight between Takemichi and Mikey. Each one has been in the wrong at some point in their life. But defeating Mikey is a part of his arc. Thus, the last five chapters will show what brings the end to the Tokyo Revengers!

The news first broke from the official Twitter page of Manga Mogura RE. It was announced that Ken Wakui’s Tokyo Revengers would come to an end in the next five chapters. The final arc of the story was announced five months back. And now, we are standing five chapters away from the finale. Soon enough, the official pages of Kodansha also picked up the update and gave it a green flag.

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The biggest and the most in-demand plot point of the finale is a fight. In the story so far, Shinchiro told about all the events that took place in his past so far. And Mikey was also aware of all the things that had taken place before the accident with Manjiro. But the one thing that fans are confused about is Takemichi. If everything had happened under his conscious knowledge, then the idea of him forgetting all this is quite strange.

Thus, Tokyo Revengers Manga Ending will eye the explanation of this as well. In addition to this, fans will also come to know about the fate of Mikey. The man has caused immense choas in the world of gangs. Thus, Takemichi is the only one who can take him down. This is the much-deserved fight that will take place in the final storyline!

So, the final release date of the last chapter would be November 16, 2022. However, if there is any break in the schedule, this date would be pushed ahead. Fans can catch all the chapters only on the official pages of Kodansha. We will be sure to update this section as soon as there is any more intel on this. Thus, keep an eye on The Anime Daily to get all the intel of this only here!

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