Tokyo Revengers Season 2 Episode 1: The Debut Of Black Dragons! Release Date & Plot

Once again, Takemichi is back on his quest to save Hina and stop Toman from becoming an evil organization. Is Takemichi alive, though? His fate remains uncertain. That’s the lingering question for the anime-only watchers out there. In the season 1 finale, fans saw Kisaki purge key members of Toman, including Takemichi and Chifuyu. Thus, here is Tokyo Revengers Season 2 Episode 1 plot and release date.

Tokyo Revengers: Christmas Showdown will return this week. Official Hige Dandism, famous for Cry Baby OP, is back with yet a new opening theme, ‘White Noise.’ Tuyu will bring the ending theme Kizutsukedo, Aishiteru (It might be painful, but I still love it) for Episode 1. Keep scrolling to find out more!

Episode 1 will start with the Christmas Showdown arc of the manga. The episode will see a new gang making an entry into the show: The Black Dragons. It is a 10th-gen motorcycle gang and a rival of Tokyo Manji. Interestingly, Shinichiro, Mikey’s brother, was the first-gen leader of Black Dragons. Thus, the new story will undoubtedly put a lot of focus on flashbacks. 

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Apart from that, new delinquents from the manga will also debut, such as Izana Kurokawa, Hakkai, and Taiju Shiba. These people will get involved with Toman as the story goes on. The Christmas showdown will see a major fight between these two violent gangs. Who will win?  Once again, Takemichi will undoubtedly return to save the tragic fate of his friends and prevent the brewing conflict.

Meanwhile, to his horror, Takemichi found out that Draken would get hanged. With both of these people gone, Kisaki was the new boss. Now he purged the members who leaked out info to the police. One time, Kisaki invited Takemichi and Chifuyu to a meeting. But he captured Chifuyu and killed him. Next, he pulled the trigger at Takemichi and bid him farewell after calling him his hero! But why did he call him a hero? Takemichi’s fate remains uncertain. This is the biggest mystery that the makers have built up for the Tokyo Revengers Season 2 Episode 1.

Season 2 will come in the winter 2023 slate. Tokyo Revengers Season 2 Episode 1 will release on January 7, 2023. Liden Films will return to animate the second season, while Disney Platform Distribution has licensed the show. Thus, Disney+ will air the show weekly on its platform. In Japan, TV networks like MBS, AT-X, and TV Tokyo will stream the series.

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