Tower Of God Chapter 552: Not Releasing! Manga On Indefinite Hiatus! Release Details

After the release of the 551st chapter this week, the fans might not see Tower of God for a long time. In the midst of a crucial war act, the manhwa would be saying a temporary goodbye to the fans. In a time when Hunter X Hunter, Berserk, and Chainsaw Man mangas came back to the screens, a prominent outing will be leaving the readers. So, what is the reason behind this break? How long will the hiatus last? Here is everything you need to know about Tower Of God Chapter 552.

This is the second announced break in the serialization of Tower of God. The first break latest almost a year between June 2020 and May 2021. But now, the author has been facing certain health issues once again. The following subheads clarify everything from the plot updates to the hiatus announcement.

The news first came from the personal blog of artist SIU before getting an official stamp by Webtoon. The artist made an official post on his personal space confirming the Tower of God Chapter 552 would not be coming to the floors anytime soon. This was because he would be taking a break from working on the text. The manhwa had made a comeback from a year-long break that lasted between June 2020 to May 2021. Skim through the following subheads to find out the reason behind this sudden hiatus.

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The official news clarified that manga artist SIU had been facing serious health troubles for the last many months. Although the details of the health condition and the severity of the situation were mentioned, it was clear that the author would not be able to continue the regular work. In the personal blog posted by the artist, SIU refrained from commenting anything about his health issues.

The artist simply wrote that he would be taking a break from the Tower of God manhwa because of certain “personal reasons.” Thus, leaving Tower of God Chapter 552 in a state of limbo. As of now, the 551st chapter will be the final release of the manga. After that, fans might have to wait months before seeing yet another release.

There is no final release date for the next chapter of Tower of God has not been announced. The future of the text depends on the recovering health of the artist. Thus, even the fans cannot put much pressure on the mangaka to release any more chapters. We will be sure to update this section as soon as there is any update from the makers or the artist. Thus, stay in touch with The Anime Daily to get all the updates about this.

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