Uncle From Another World Episode 3: Yosuke Continues His Saga! Release Date

It’s hard to deal with Uncle Yosuke, even for the fans. And now, Uncle From Another World Episode 3 lines up with a proper release date to rise the annoyance even more. The uncle is now busy working with his magical spells. We last saw him narrate the Ice Witch’s story and how he refused his offer. Well, it raised the viewers’ curiosity as they wanted to explore the world more. But is Yosuke telling the truth? Only time will give away the answers.

In the third episode, Yosuke will continue narrating his Granbahamal story. Takafumi will be keen to know more about Elga and how he received these magical skills. Meanwhile, Sumika will work on a way to help them. Keep reading to know more.

Sumika will decide to clean the mess so they can live in a great place. But Yosuke won’t appreciate it, creating a problem between Sumika and Yosuke. Sumika believes that Yosuke is just taking advantage of her friend and believes he has no magical powers, nor has he visited Granbahamal in his life. However, Takafumi will try to convince her, which will finally lead to her being drawn to Yosuke’s story.

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Further, in Uncle From Another World Episode 3, we will explore some new characters and how his Guardian Heroes helped him in the past. He will recite the story of the game where his Guardian Heroes participated and how they never managed to score the top position. Yosuke will reveal his daily lifestyle in Granbahamal and what happened to Elga. Like Yosuke, Takafumi has no idea that Sumika has a crush on him. Will he be able to find it out?

Soon on New Year’s Eve, Yosuke saw Mabel coming into his room. She was impressed by his bravery. She asked him to stop being a coward. But Yosuke told her cowardice was fine and convinced her to become a hermit. He also refused his offer of the ice sword. Soon the scene shifted to the present time, where Takafumi ran into Sumika Fujimiya, his childhood friend. Fujimiya saw Yosuke chanting spells and thought he was crazy. But she didn’t like their living arrangement and decided to do something.

Uncle From Another World Episode 3 will air on Wednesday, July 20, 2022, at 10 pm JST. It will be available to stream on Japanese Local Networks such as AT-X. But the international viewers have to wait a little longer to watch the seine anime as it will start airing on Netflix once it wraps up on AT-X. Stay tuned. The Anime Daily will keep you updated.

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