Uncle From Another World Episode 6: How Yosuke Ended In A Dungeon? Release Date

Mabel sacrificed her entire life to protect the Ice Clan and the ice sword. But Yosuke destroyed everything in the nick of a second. Just like Elga, Mabel is also in Yosuke’s care. But everything will change in Uncle From Another World Episode 6 when he needs their help. Now Elga is the only one to save Yosuke from the king’s wrath. But can she? Here is everything you need to know about the next chapter!

Now in the sixth episode, Yosuke will recall his past when he accidentally ended up in a dungeon. He will appear confused, and Elga will narrate the story of his bravery. But something terrific will take place, which leaves Yosuke in a dangerous situation.

The following episode, titled “Kōshite Ore wa Misemonogoya no Chika ni Buchikomaretan da ga,” which means, “That’s how I ended up in the basement of the show house,” hints that Yosuke will continue to narrate his story. He will show his worst memory to Takafumi and Sumika. It will start with Yosuke being exhausted from his adventurer life. However, after waking up, he sees Elga and Mabel sleeping beside him, which surprises him.

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He will try to recall what happened to him when Elga wakes up and is glad to see him alright. While Yosuke seemed confused, Elga tells him she was trapped in the middle of the war at night. However, Yosuke helped her fight plenty of monsters, and he got injured during this fight. But now he’s alright, thanks to Mabel’s magic, which helped Elga and Yosuke heal. However, things will be out of control as the king will attack Yosuke for hurting his animals, ending in the dungeon.

So she started fighting with Yosuke, but Elga interfered, who was in the other room, decided to support Mabel. She helped Mabel freeze Yosuke. After freezing him, Mabel told Elga that a Japanese Samurai founded her Ice Clan 400 years ago. He wanted to kill God and the Ice Sword for power, and she believed Yosuke was also from Japan. Takafumi asked whether Yosuke had received a wish, and he had no clue. They later rewind his memory, hear Granbahamal’s god’s pre-recorded message in Mandarin Chinese, and learn Yosuke wasted his wish.

Uncle From Another World Episode 6 will air on Wednesday, August 24, 2022, at 6 am PT. It will be available on Crunchyroll. The following episode will hint at how Yosuke will end up in a dungeon. He will try to escape the situation, but it will be hard for him to do so. Will he find an escape? The Anime Daily will update you soon.

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