Vermeil In Gold Episode 11: Can Alto Save Vermeil? Release Date & More!

Vermeil In Gold Episode 11 will be full of emotions and magical powers. The previous chapter unlocked a different power in Vermeil. It was full of revelations. The appearance of a Platinum level mage and the kidnapping of Vermeil were much more for an episode. However, the entry of The Mage of Beginning seems like a real deal. There are some secrets still within the body of Vermeil.

The next chapter might unlock another level of power in Vermeil as well as Alto. Alto has grown a lot from a couple of episodes. It is time for Vermeil to unlock her true potential. She was just nothing in front of the Platinum square Mage Lolito. But there is also a plan behind Lolito’s actions. There is another accomplice of Lolito present outside the castle to use transference magic. Let’s get to the details regarding the next episode of the anime!

Vermeil In Gold Episode 11 will be an emotion-packed episode. Everyone knows Vermeil from the anime as a jolly demon who helps Alto to fight evil. However, what was the reason that she tried to seal herself? Moreover, it can not be imagined how traumatic her past was that she just wanted to erase all of those memories. Still, it is not clear why Mage carried Alto to her memories.

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She requested Alto to save Vermeil. It means that she must have committed something bad that made her hate herself. It will come out in the next episode of the anime. Moreover, Lilia and other guards, the girl which is using Transference magic to stop them from entering the castle. The accomplice girl of Alto also seems to be an elite mage, but her identity is not out yet.

The tenth episode started with Vermeil sitting in a park waiting for Alto. Alto was attending his exam for the Bronze square. However, there was a candidate next to him who was sleeping in the exam hall. Alto was quite ready to finish the paper. However, the mage just next to him woke up and finished the paper in just seconds. Just after that, the news of the death of a student came, and Lolito destroyed the whole place.

Alto and Vermeil tried their best to fight Lolito, but no one could match the level of Platinum square prodigy. The aid from other guards could not go inside as an accomplice of Lolito was helping him from outside. Alto activated Silver and Golden mana to defeat Lolito. However, he could not make it happen. Just then, The Mage of Beginnings appeared and took Alto to Vermeil’s memories.

Vermeil In Gold Episode 11 will release on September 13, 2022. The anime has reached such a stage that there are chances of the exponential growth of the characters. Especially, Vermeil will transform into something much stronger than her previous herself. But it would not be possible without Alto. Stay tuned with The Anime Daily to check out the next episode of the anime!

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