Volcanic Age Chapter 213: Who Will Help Murim Alliance? Release Date

A lot has happened in Joo Seo’s life since he learned about the formless poison. But nobody has ever expected that the myth would actually come true in Volcanic Age Chapter 213. Fans remained mum when they first saw the mystical giant spiders blocking the Murim alliance people’s way. Now things will turn more challenging when one of the mystical creatures comes in their way. But will Joo Seo help others to fight the monsters?

In the 213th chapter, Joo Seo will make his decision. He will decide to help the Murim alliance. Poison Pheonix will help him in his mission. Meanwhile, someone will be extremely injured, and things will turn challenging for them to deal with this new creature. Keep reading to know more.

Joo Seo will tie up Bear Fist and try his best to extract information about the rival cult. But it will be hard to deal with Bear Fist’s stubborn attitude, ultimately creating problems for Joo Seo. He will soon help poison phoenix and learn that everyone in the cage is dead. So without wasting his time, he will head to the Mount Hwa sect. He, along with poison phoenix, will go to tell the sect about what happened in the forest. But he will soon learn about their fellow mates’ condition.

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Somewhere in the forest, the sisters will fight with the mystical spider. Well, the mystical spider has been waiting for the day to kill their lineage and destroy their Murim. Now is the time when his dream will be fulfilled. But Joo Seo will put a hold on his dream. He will attack the mystical spider from the back, and others will help him to keep the spider busy.

Soon Alkaid decided to leave the battle and followed Phecda’s orders. Phecda narrated his master plan to stall Joo Seo’s plan somewhere in the palace. He decided to use mystic forces to let him work to save the Murim alliance instead of reaching the Mount Hwa sect. Meanwhile, Joo’s other army was fighting with the giant spiders, and unfortunately, the little sister got infected by the spider’s poison in the end.

Volcanic Age doesn’t follow an even release pattern. So it’s tricky to guess when the 213th chapter will return. But we can expect the upcoming chapter to release on July 19, 2022. It will reveal whether Joo Seo will help the Murim alliance or will head to reach his destiny. Stay tuned. The Anime Daily will keep you updated.

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