Volcanic Age Chapter 225: Joo Seo Cheon Enters Enemy’s Territory! Release Date & More

After defeating their enemy in the desert, Joo Seo Cheo will join Hainan Sword Sect to protect them from the underwater threat. For this, he will dive deeper into the sea to battle against the mermen in Volcanic Age Chapter 225. Well, we know Joo Seo and his potential. He can easily win the battle with his power and skills. Now that he is reached the enemy’s territory, things will be in his favor. Keep reading to know his next move.

In the 225th chapter, Joo Seo will finally finds a way to infiltrate Dragon Clan. He will make a negotiation to stop this bloodshed. But it seems like things will go differently than his plan. Meanwhile, they will continue fighting against the mermen at the shores.

In the upcoming chapter, Yongmi will succeed in escaping the battlefield. She will quickly reach the Dragon Palace to report to her master. But she is unaware of the fact that Joo Seo is following her. Now he knows their whereabouts and can easily command his army to join him in this battle. But first, he will take Yongmi as his hostage and offer her master to leave the place and let Hainan Sword Sect live peacefully there. But it doesn’t look like their master will agree.

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So instead of coming up with more offers, Joo Seo will use his sword to teach them a good lesson. But he’s outnumbered by the Southern Sea Dragon Clan, which will be a disadvantage. Meanwhile, everyone will keep attacking the mermen with bombs and other things on the shores. However, mermen will use their magical weapons to kill Hainan’s army. Unfortunately, Hainan will be losing, but deep inside the sea, Joo Seo will face the clan members and give them a tough fight.

In the 224th chapter of Volcanic Age, Joo Seo Cheo entered a new territory to protect Hainan Sword Sect. They decided to split their people between fighting against Southern Sea Dragon Clan. Half of their people went to the shores to fight with Hainan Sword Sect members, while one-fourth stayed in the sea to battle against Joo Seo Cheo. At first, Yongmi decided to deal with Joo Seo all alone. She thought it would be an easy win. But Joo Seo gave her a tough fight, leading to calling other members of the dragon palace.

Yonglin suggested they should attack together. But fighting with Joo Seo was a challenge. Joo Seo wondered to poison that water but later realized it would affect his clan members too. So instead of using poison, he decided to blow them with his sword. He injured Yonglin, leaving everyone stunned. Soon another merman appeared to fight Joo Seo, but he got injured too. However, their forces were way stronger, so Joo decided to go bottom of the sea and use the surface to create a whirlpool. Many mermen got injured in this, leading Yongmi to seek help.

It’s a do-or-die situation for the Southern Sea Dragon Clan. They need to do something to finish the war. But can they? You will know in Volcanic Age Chapter 225. Well, the manhwa doesn’t follow an even release pattern. It’s quite tricky to guess when the next chapter will return. But we expect that it will release on November 2, 2022. You can catch it on the official pages of Naver Webtoon and Kakao pages. Stay tuned. The Anime Daily will keep you updated.

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