Volcano Age Chapter 209: Sword God Will Face His Biggest Enemy! Release Date

Volcano Age Chapter 209 will reveal the fate of the Sword God and how he will manage to fight back against his enemies. In the previous chapter, Tang Clan’s patriarch told the Sword God about the formless deadly poison. He revealed to him that there were two types of poisons and how badly they could kill someone.

Now in the upcoming chapter, the Sword God will head to find the mystical spider poison. He believed that Tang Myeong had some connection with the mystical spider. So he will try to find clues about the web and how Tang Myeong finds it. Aside, the dark shadow sect will also head to reach the Sword God. Keep reading to know more.

Tang Clan’s patriarch asked the Sword God to take his daughter and some other females with him in his expenditure. But it created a mess. The Sword God was upset and unleashed his anger on Tang Clan’s patriarch. However, after unleashing his anger, he decided to take his daughter with him. Now they will head to deal with some new challenges. However, there will be some bickering moments between the two when Sword God starts cursing his father.

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Meanwhile, the dark shadow sect will head in the same direction to see the Sword God. They think there will be some obstacles and traps that might kill or injure the Sword God. However, the path will be challenging, and they will face some foes during their journey. Meanwhile, the Sword God will find a clue that will have some connection with his past as well as Tang Myeong.

In Volcano Age Chapter 208, Sword God had a meeting with Tang Clan’s patriarch. Sword God was looking forward to gathering information about the formless deadly poison. So Tang Clan’s patriarch revealed that two poisons were considered formless deadly poisons. These include mind poison and mystical spiders. The mind poison was similar to the mind sword that Woo Il Moon used. But it didn’t exist. However, the second formless poison had a form.

A human-headed spider’s web consists of poison. But the web is so rare that it couldn’t be easily found. Besides, whoever used that poison, his life also appeared on the line. However, the Sword God wondered whether such a thing existed in his past. But he later convinced himself that there could be possible that such type of thing existed. He later sent a letter to his master to inform him about his update.

Volcano Age follows a weekly release pattern. So chapter 209 will release on June 17, 2022. It will finally reveal how the Sword God will deal with his enemy and the impending danger. Stay tuned. The Anime Daily will keep you updated.

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