Volcano Returns Chapter 68: Will Jin Die? What’s Next? Release Date

Volcano Returns Chapter 68 will finally reveal who will win the battle. In the previous chapter, Jin challenged Chung to fight with him, which he accepted. Chung talked about the glory of the Southern edge sect while Jin mocked his words. It left Chung in a devastating position, and he charged an attack on Jin. They fought, and Chung managed to injure Jin.

Now in the upcoming episode, Jin will ask Chung to come up with his best technique as he’s bored of seeing his childish techniques. It will make Chung angrier, and he will come up with his deadliest attack to kill Jin. Chung only wants to kill Jin, and his motive will be clearly seen in the fight. Keep reading to know more.

Chung prepared himself to kill Jin with his attack. Now, Lee Seong Baek has also arrived to see their match. Lee isn’t in the right shape and needs some rest. But he wants to see Chung defeating the arrogant kid. Meanwhile, Jin mocked Chung’s technique and stated he did not know about using the sword. He also talked bad about the Southern Edge Sect and revealed that he would kill Chung and teach them a good lesson.

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Now, Chung will be angrier than before and attack Jin with his full powers. He will use all types of techniques to defeat him. But Chung will be surprised to see how gracefully Jin dodges his attacks. This will make him angrier, and he will do anything to kill him. But it will shift his focus and allow Jin to defeat Chung. After defeating Chung, the Southern edge sect will be in chaos and will leave with no choice but to listen to Jin’s demands.

Chung and Jin talked to each other, and Chung challenged that he would destroy the Mount Hwa sect and its last sapling. Jin mocked his technique and stated that the Southern edge sect had stolen their techniques and now bragging about the things which didn’t belong to them. It made Chung angrier, and he charged an attack. Both Jin and Chung used their sword to hit each other, and luckily, Chung wounded Jin.

Volcano Returns follows a weekly release pattern. So, chapter 68 will release on June 15, 2022. It will finally reveal the fate of Jin and how the Southern edge sect will deal with their defeat. Stay tuned. The Anime Daily will keep you updated.

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