Volcano Returns Chapter 73: Chung Sees The New World! Release Date

Slowly the story is pacing toward the new generation of the Mount Hwa Sect. This also means that we would have to say goodbye to a lot of characters. Now in Volcano Returns Chapter 73, Chung will head to see the world. Well, it has been interesting to see him in action yet again. He defeated the entire Southern Edge Sect last time, and now it’s time for Wudang Sect. But will Chung be able to deal with this sect? The following section gives away all the answers.

Now in the 73rd chapter, Chung will finally meet with Wi Sohaeng and will listen to his side of the story. After receiving orders from his sect leader, he will go with Wi to save his sect. It will be thrilling for him to face the new world. But will he be a good help? Let’s see!

Un Gum believes Chung Myung should see the harsh reality of the world to excel in his skills. So it’s a better opportunity for him to explore the outside world. Un Gum will convince the leader to let Wi Sohaeng take Chung with him. Wi Sohaeng will be surprised to meet Chung. At first, he won’t believe that this little boy is Chung and had defeated the Southern Edge sect two years ago. But Yeong Jong will help him in this.

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So Mount Hua Sect leader will tell the entire story to Chung and order him to go with Wi to help their sect. Chung will be overconfident with this and will tell Wi to relax. So now Wi and Chung will head to Nanyang to meet with Wudang Sect. Wi’s father will be happy to see Chung there and insist he fights for them. Chung will challenge Wudang Sect’s leader and will fight with him. However, his fate remains in limbo.

He was Wi Sohaeng from the Hua Shadow Sect, the affiliated group of the Mount Hua Sect. He wanted to take Chung with him as his sect was dealing with a serious problem. Wi later revealed that it had become tougher for them to stay in Nanyang since Wudang Sect opened. They were plotting against them and hurting their sect members. His father, the Hua Shadow Sect leader, also fought with the Wudang Sect’s leader and suffered great injury. Now his father’s utter wish was to bring Chung to their sect.

The first season of Volcano Returns has just been completed. However, the author hadn’t revealed when the second season would begin. But we expect Volcano Returns Chapter 73 to release on July 21, 2022. Stay tuned. The Anime Daily will keep you updated.

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