Welcome To Demon School Iruma-Kun Chapter 256: Sabnock Vs. Atori! Release Date

This week, the screens will be lit up with action-packed outings in the form of Welcome To Demon School Iruma-Kun Chapter 256. The last chapter sets the stage for some of the most interesting battles that are to take place in the future. It was seen that Sabnock was facing Atori on the battlefield. And this was one of the most anticipated fights of the recent. So, without any further ado, here is everything to know about the newest chapter of the manga.

In the following storyline, fans will be able to catch the battle details of the match between Sabnock and Atori. Attacks like the Shield, Evil Cycle, and other charges will be prominent in the outing. Keep reading further to find out what is to come next.

As per the raw scans of the upcoming chapter, the outing will open with Sabnock dodging Atori’s powerful attack by creating a shield around it. Thus, he would be able to cease the attack on his own. Next up in Welcome To Demon School Iruma-Kun Chapter 256, Sabnock will be the one commencing an attack on Atoru. But the opponent will also end up dodging the attack.

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However, Atori would not be satisfied with the light win that he was getting. Thus, he would aspire to get more in the fight. The chapter will take a look at how Atori will also have to face Baal at some point of time in the chapter. In the end, Sabnock will be using the Evil Cycle in order to get the upper hand in the match. All in all, the outing is going to be filled with action.

Kalego then looked at Iruma and said that he was not hoping to lose in the fight at all. He challenged Iruma that the fight was going to be on his side. In the final act of the chapter, the entry of Sabnock took over the chapter. The chapter ended with a very interesting fight commencing between the members of the same family.

Iruma-Kun’s trouble will continue to multiply as the story progresses in the future. Thus, there is a lot of action is lined up to come in the upcoming outings. Welcome To Demon School Iruma-Kun Chapter 256 will release this week without any break. The final release date is June 19, 2022. Fans will be able to catch all the chapters of the manga only on the official pages of Shonen. Thus, keep an eye on The Anime Daily for more updates on the same.

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