Why Did Naruto Cut His Hair? Everything You Need To Know About The Hokage’s Look Change

Why Did Naruto Cut His Hair: A person becomes used to the look of the characters in the anime. The form change of the characters also affects the opinion of the people. This thing especially stands for anime characters. One of the most questions asked on the internet is why did Naruto cut his hair? An anime series like Naruto directly connects with the fans’ hearts. Any change in the looks or any change to the character’s personality will not suit fans. Usually, fans become so used to the looks that they will not like anything different.

The Puffy Hair with pointed hairs was the trademark look of Naruto. Even the most used wallpapers on the titular anime have the depiction of Naruto as a shadow with pointed hairs. However, the change to the look of Naruto after the break of the series did not prove a success. Though the look was necessary for the character development, it didn’t match the vibes of the fans.

The Naruto anime started back in 2022. It ran for a period of about 15 years till 2017. The anime covered about two generations of childhood. This created a fixed image of the anime character in the mind of the fans. The character is even an ideal to some anime fans due to its hard-working and never give up spirit. That’s why the question arose why did Naruto cut his hair? However, the makers had to develop the character. Seventy-two volumes and more than 500 episodes concluded the Naruto series.

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The character had to become more mature as it stepped into the Bokuto series. So the makers and the production team decided to give a new look to the character of Naruto. The makers make Naruto’s hair very short in comparison to his last depiction in the anime. The experiment looked quite promising because Naruto did start looking mature. The playful Naruto had transformed into a full-grown, responsible man. Still, the silliness was present in Naruto’s character.

Why did Naruto Cut his Hair? A question whose most robust answer is that Naruto’s character needed a change. He needed to look a bit more mature because he had grown up over all those years. But there was no significant change in his look apart from his height due to those bushy hairs. That’s why it would be right to say that the production team cut Naruto’s hair in order to make him more responsible and grown-up.

The second reason that the fandom world argues about is that Naruto cut his hair because of his father. The fourth Hokage, who sealed the nine-tailed fox, had long hairs. Naruto’s look changed after he came to know that Fourth Hakoge was his father. Naruto wanted to stand out from his father. That’s why he decided not to look like his father but carry a look of his own. However, it’s just a theory, nothing else.

These were some facts about the question, “Why did Naruto cut his hair?”. Conclusively, the production was solely responsible for cutting Naruto’s hair and changing his look. That’s it for today! Keep visiting The Anime daily to get such amazing facts about the anime world!

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