Wind Breaker Chapter 403: Will Minu Ride The Bicycle Again? Release Date

The Wind Breaker Chapter 403 will be out soon, and this chapter of Windbreaker will be a milestone in the long-going therapy for Minu. Currently, Minu is in the midst of his therapies in the hospital. The rehabilitation exercises have revealed that Minu’s sensory nerves of his legs are becoming active. All these things imply that Minu will be able to walk again on his own. If Minu’s condition improves in this way, then it is confirmed that he will be able to walk anytime soon. Moreover, his friends have also gathered to encourage him. Here is all you have been looking for in the next chapter.

The upcoming chapter might give the fans the pleasure of seeing Minu standing on his legs. The story proceeded at a much faster pace in the last chapter of the manhwa. From the recovery theory of Minu to the development of sensation in the feet of Minu is a great advancement in just one chapter. The lost friends of Minu, who were hopeless due to his poor condition of Minu, will return again to help him recover.

The Wind Breaker Chapter 403 will be the end of the long-lasting pain Minu. The emotional pain he bore for such a long time is nothing less than a trauma. All of his friends had lost hope for his recovery. However, Yuna San was always there to help Minu recover from his illness. Now it’s the time for Minu to reap the fruit of the hard work and care that Yuna has put into his recovery. The combined effort of Minu and Yuna has brought his legs back to life.

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Now Minu has finally felt the sensation in his legs. Most probably, Minu will be able to stand in the next chapter of the manhwa. He will be able to pursue his goals and live the normal life he was always longing for. Moreover, he will be able to accompany his friends, who are the dearest ones to Minu. However, the quest for one of his friends, Dom, is still going on in the manhwa.

The previous outing of the manhwa started with the Doctor stating the reports of Minu to him. She told him that the sensory nerves of his legs were becoming active. Eventually, he will be able to walk soon. This made Yuna and Minu quite emotional. However, they comforted themselves and moved to their respective wards. Yuna was overjoyed to hear about Minu and messages this news to Minu’s friends. Minu’s dearest friend Jay reads this news and rushes toward Minu’s hospital.

He skipped his class and reached Minu. Minu was very shocked by the appearance of Jay at the hospital. Jay also becomes emotional over the news of Minu’s recovery. Slowly the time passes on, and Minu is now able to feel some sensation in his feet. Moreover, he is able to move his toes. If everything goes well with Stem cell and physiotherapy, he will be able to walk soon with his legs.

The sources have speculated that Wind Breaker Chapter 403 will appear before the fans on July 25, 2022. Fans will find all the chapters of the manhwa only on the official pages of Naver, Webtoon, and Kakaopage. However, there is no confirmed info on the release date of the manhwa. Moreover, the makers have not released any official statement regarding this concern. At last, keep an eye on The Anime Daily to get more updates right here.

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