Wind Breaker Chapter 409: Will Friends Restore Themselves? Release Date & More!

Wind Breaker Chapter 409 will be the quest to restore the lost friendship. The previous chapter of the manhwa was about the recollection of past memories. The main member of Minu’s group is suffering from pain. This member is Vinny, whose mother is in the hospital due to burns. Moreover, the new rich friend of Vinny is the new character in the story. But there is no information on the background of this new character.

The next chapter of the manhwa will introduce the new friend circle of Vinny. However, Jay, Minu, and other colleagues might also find Vinny in the next chapter. The manhwa has started recollecting the pieces that were shattered. But it is not clear what the reason is that Vinny is avoiding his friends. It might uncover itself in the upcoming chapter of the manhwa. Check out the article to find out more about the next chapter of the manhwa!

The friend group of Minu might find out the reason behind their separation in Wind Breaker Chapter 409. That group that used to hang out together is now present in pieces. The important parts of this group were Dom and Vinny. But it is not clear why Vinny parted ways with his friend circle. It might be the revealtion of the next chapter. However, the hospitalization of Vinny’s mother is also dubious.

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The second plot point of the next chapter is the new friend circle of Vinny. He has befriended some rich guys, and he is having parties with them. But the most disturbing element is that Vinny’s mom is sick. Despite all of this, he does not care about anything. It seems that he has joined some influential gag to get the money for her mom’s treatment.

But Vinny denied these questions and left the hospital room. The panel then shifted to Minu and his friends. Yumi was carrying Minu in a wheelchair as he was coming out of the hospital. Minu asked about Dom and Vinny. However, no one knew about anything, and their location was unknown. Yumi then recalled the memories of the last year that she had and started crying. However, the group went to Vinny’s house and called for him. But Vinny was busy with his other friends.

The next chapter of Wind Breaker might release on September 6, 2022. Wind Breaker Chapter 409 will reveal if the group will be able to reunite together. However, it still lies in the secret box of the next chapter, and things will come out after its release. Till then, keep following The Anime Daily page for regular updates regarding the manhwa and manga world.

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