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Some anime characters stand out by defying their genre’s conventions, leading some fans to feel like they’re coming from another show entirely.
Usually in anime, there are certain genre conventions. These can include things like a character calling their attacks in a shonen action show or a magical girl transformation sequence. Sometimes, however, a character can break genre conventions so hard that people wonder if they’re in the wrong show.
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Whether it’s a would-be shonen protagonist in a mature seinen series or a character better suited for a slice of life show in an action anime, there are several examples of characters who just don’t fit in their own shows. Sometimes, characters just aren’t cut out for the shows they’re placed in.
The show Black Lagoon is known mostly for two things: guns and swearing. It’s a world where outlaws rule and good people rarely live. Among the criminals is a man named Lotton the Wizard. Lotton spouts catchphrases and walks around like he’s some action hero. He just looks cheesy among people like Revy and Roberta.
If Lotton were to be in a more traditional action show, like a shonen series, he’d be more at home. In the world of Black Lagoon, however, he’s just out of place and a joke to everyone around him.
It would probably be hard for a Hashira in Demon Slayer to be in love with anyone, but there’s one girl whose entire shtick is being in love. Mitsuri Kanroji is the Love Hashira. She seems attracted to practically anything that moves. Mitsuri seems moved by Tanjiro’s courage one moment and calls Rengoku a “cutie” the next. She doesn’t seem like the type of person to be a warrior bent on killing flesh-eating demons.
If Mitsuri were in a school life anime, she’d totally fit in and be a memorable side character. She doesn’t seem like the fighting type and that would be a better place to spread love.
The science-fiction anime Gantz was about random folks being recruited for postmortem alien hunting. Masaru Kato and his old friend Kei Kurono end up mixed up in the hunt while trying to save a homeless person from being run over by a bullet train.
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The series goes through some dark turns with violent and sexual imagery. Kato seems a bit out of place with his upstanding moral character. He reads Fist of the North Star to his brother as he goes to sleep. Kato would make for an excellent shonen protagonist, but this is a series where being one of the good guys doesn’t guarantee survival.
Kento Nanami from Jujutsu Kaisen was a typical salaryman after leaving the Jujustu world behind. However, he realized that he hated working a white-collar job more than Jujutsu sorcery, so he turned to the latter as a vocation. While he is a welcome addition to the series, he might be even more entertaining in a workplace comedy like My Senpai is Annoying.
If Nanami was to go back to a life of fax machines and meetings that could have been e-mails, fans could see the stoic sorcerer produce some comedic gold as a straight man.
The Ninjutsu Program at the Academy in Boruto is where youngsters train to be the ninja of tomorrow. Along with the children on Naruto series characters is an exasperated girl named Sumire. She acts as the class representative and leads the class in paying respect to its teachers.
For a series about ninja, Sumire isn’t involved with that much combat early on. She’s often on the sidelines or acting as a damsel in distress. Sumire would arguably be more at home in a slice-of-life school taking place in a high school. Perhaps she could be an interesting side character in Komi Can’t Communicate.
The world-famous Death Note was a look at how power can corrupt people. The early stages of the manga featured a mostly male cast. Author Tsugumi Ohba was approached by their editor to add a main female character. And thus, Misa Amane was born.
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Misa started out as an alternate Kira, bent on meeting Light, the first Kira. Misa made several avoidable mistakes, like leaving DNA evidence on some audio tapes. Misa was more of a hindrance than an asset to Light. She didn’t seem to belong in the world of Death Note. She could be more of a character in something like Nana or Skip Beat.
In episode 22 of Cowboy Bebop, entitled “Cowboy Funk,” Spike was tracking the infamous Teddy Bomber when he encountered Cowboy Andy, a rich young man fascinated with cowboys. He rode a horse everywhere and mistook Spike for the Teddy Bomber multiple times.
In the world of Cowboy Bebop, set in the year 2071 and taking place in various parts of the solar system, an actual Western cowboy seems totally out of place. Even at the end of the episode where Andy dons samurai gear, he’s still an anachronism. His cowboy persona would be a better fit in the world of Trigun than flying amongst the stars.
If there is a hero in Dragonball Z who’s on the bottom of the ladder, it’s Yamcha. In the original Dragonball, he never got past the quarterfinals of the World Martial Arts Tournament. When he was killed by a Saibaman in the Sayian Saga, that was all fans needed to know that Yamcha was clearly outmatched.
In his civilian life, Yamcha was a professional baseball player. Fans could argue that Yamcha’s baseball career would make him look more dignified than his exploits fighting evil. An anime series about Yamcha playing baseball in the style of Ace of the Diamond would be exciting and much better for the former desert bandit.
The world of Sket Dance is full of weirdness and hilarity, up to and including the three protagonists. One of the characters who stands out is Roman Saotome. She is a manga artist who wants to draw in a shojo style but is really bad at it. When Roman is around, the tone and art style often shift to something more akin to Fruits Basket.
Roman’s lack of cohesion with the rest of the series is part of the joke. She isn’t meant to fit in with everything else. Fans could totally get behind her going off and doing her own thing.
The show Bleach isn’t known much for its gags or comedy, but one character that epitomizes its humor is Don Kanonji. He’s a TV personality who can see spirits. His stubbornness and insistence that Ichigo is his pupil are part of his charm. Don doesn’t get much focus in the main storyline due to being in the human world much of the time.
Don is an anomaly in Bleach. He’s mostly a joke character and most people forget about him quickly. If he were to have his own show, something more like Ghost Sweeper Mikami, it would probably be pretty interesting.
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