We just hit 1000 followers (well, a couple days ago, but…

We just hit 1000 followers (well, a couple days ago, but I’ve been busy)!

Honestly, as I said last time, I was never expecting such a response to this blog, especially only 8 posts in.  So thank you all so much, with extra thanks to those sending me encouragement and suggestions!

 So, kind of a state of the union:  I finally got the F.A.Q. up.  Just some answers to general questions which I’d rather not take up a whole post answering are there.  More might be going there in the future depending on what else people ask.

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Also, I fixed up the search bar on the blog so that it’ll search through tags.  I don’t really think the normal content search was working (maybe because I only have photo posts?  I dunno), so I went ahead and change it, and I will be a bit more descriptive with tags now.  I already went back and changed the ones in my previous posts to include major ingredients, and I would greatly appreciate any ideas you might have for other things to tag posts with.

And, finally!  I have a few special recipes planned for Valentine’s day goodies, which hopefully I can get to in a timely manner.  This weekend I’m also going to be cooking up a storm for a V-Day bakesale for the cosplay club I’m involved with.  The recipes I’m using look promising, and while I’m not basing them on anime food, I was wondering if any of ya’ll would be interested in pictures and links to those recipes?  As cute, supplementary material for Valentine’s day or something.  Let me know! <3


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