HUMOR: Live From the One Piece Film Red Fashion Show




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I’m sensing some clear aesthetic parallels across these fresh ensembles, along with that sense of playfulness you’d expect from master seamster Oda himself. Just look at Usopp’s delightful new hat! Practical and stylish, ornamented in such a way that its diagonal zipper serves as a frog’s mouth. And look at the ‘dos on Franky and Brook! We’ve come to expect follicular transformations from Franky, but it’s wonderful to see Brook experimenting with his beloved afro and really leaning into that rockstar vibe. After all, who better than the Soul King to steer the Straw Hats into rock fashion nirvana!



Truly though, it is those matching suits that most set my heart aflutter. Note the stylish waistcoats of Zoro, Sanji, and Robin, each embellished with a signature crest. It appears that Zoro’s is a tribute to his mentor Mihawk, while Sanji prefers a Roman three, echoing both his birth family and rank in the Straw Hats. Meanwhile, Robin’s feathered greaves add just the right touch of elegance to her ensemble, evoking the steelwork of Dressrosa’s most talented blacksmiths. Truly an outfit that declares her status as one of Luffy’s loyal knights, an ally who can stand proudly beside his strongest warriors. Those Straw Hats always make an impression!




Behind the admirals, I’m spying some key figures of the World Government’s legendary Cipher Pol! Yes, they’re passing by now, and… dear lord, what are they wearing? Kalifa appears to be attempting something resembling fashion, though her shoulderless dress and purple tie ensemble seems less “Avril Lavigne” and more “Vaguely Obscene.” But Blueno, Blueno my friend, you are wearing a tracksuit. I appreciate all your Uta-themed accessories, but you seem more prepared to go for a light jog or perhaps kill a man in a sauna than to walk the runway. We must talk about this, Blueno.







Well, as always, it’s just one surprise after another at the One Piece fashion gala. Kudos to the Straw Hats for bringing their A-game, offering intriguing and complementary ensembles from all parties. My compliments to the ever-reliable admirals, who truly understand how to make the humble suit a statement of purpose. As for the rest, it’s always a pleasure to see you all, and I only hope Law’s mother remembers to pack more than swim trunks for him next time. So long and see you next time on One Piece’s premiere fashion network!





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