Otaku Elf Counts Its Blessings with TV Anime Announcement


Its title is short and simple, yet supernatural comedy series Otaku Elf promises a blessed bounty of fun in the TV anime adaptation that was just announced with the reveal of a key visual, trailer and cast/staff info.


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The amusing duo previewed above are portrayed by the following:








Seven Seas Entertainment, who publishes the manga's official English version, describes the series as:


Koganei Koito works as the teenage shrine maiden at the Takamimi Shrine, catering to the whims of its resident: a centuries-old elf who loves video games as much as she hates going outside! Line up your offerings for the otaku elf—some energy drinks, chips and video games will do nicely—and watch her new friends scramble to keep up!


A release date for the anime is yet to be announced.





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